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Thank you for a very special year of 2015. We are looking forward to an even better 2016.

Join our upcoming community events:

OPEN HOUSE and Law of Attraction Group meeting on Sunday, January 17th, starting at 2.00 pm
at the LOTUS in Draper, Utah.

NEW CONSCIOUSNESS EXPO on Saturday, April 16th, starting at 10.00 am
at the SouthTowne EXPO Center in Sandy, Utah.


Watch this bonus video on how to apply Quantum NLP in your life. Enjoy!
[Law of Attraction Series – Part 1 – What is the Law of Attraction?]

 Learn about the Law of Attraction and how you can use it more effectively in your life.
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Practicioner Training

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To contact us directly please send an e-mail to christianeturner@yahoo.com or call (801) 979-4799

Law of Attraction Formula

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Playing Games With Purpose

The Playbook For Winning At Life

Thought Into Manifestation

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From Personal to Global Transformation

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Treasure Mapping With Feng Shui and NLP

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