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Testimonial about Christiane Turner

HELLO friends,

I met Christiane over 20 years ago at the Utah NLP Training offices where she was the bookkeeper. She was darling then, and since that time, I have watched her methodically attract the RIGHT PEOPLE + PROCESSES to lift her as she brought her “A-Game”. She has showed us all HOW TO do “it” without a need for “daily selfies” saying look at me, look at me like soooo many coaches.
NO she has always said: “Look at YOU–Right ON” (can you hear her)?

As a coach or a consultant, you know you cannot do it all by yourself–there is just too much to do, yet Christiane made worldwide coaching and consulting look effortless. That is the sign of a true professional!

And of course, I publicly want to acknowledge ALL of those in her inner circle whom have lovingly supported her in special ways as she has grown and helped you to grow as well.

Over the years, I have watched her attract a wonderful husband, Shawn Turner and birth two amazing sons: Gracen + Max. I have watched her leave what she knows in Salt Lake City and decide to live life on her terms in Little Hollywood, AKA: Kanab, UT where she nourishes her soul, and others in beauty that one cannot describe in words.

Another thing I love about Christiane is her consistency.
I have always said: CONSISTENCY creates CREDIBILITY.
I have watched Christiane go from doing individual NLP sessions in her home to becoming an International NLP Trainer with a huge following of people who love HER, respect HER, and trust HER.
She has been methodical, consistent, steady, credible.

I attended her first Consciousness Expo 12 years ago, with about 100 people in attendance and today the Consciousness Expo attracts over 1000 attendees.

I have watched Christiane go from being a trainer for the local NLP training group to designing a program [Quantum NLP] for her Practitioner Training and then a Masters QNLP Training.

IF you are a speaker, think about it, in 10 years: you write and cowrite five books, design a training where you have customers waiting in line to get into, you create an Expo and a Summit that are so exciting they double in attendance year after year, and when you come back to Salt Lake City to give a talk, you attract over 300 people for that evening lecture.

How many ways can you spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S?

ALL TOO MANY people talk about ‘it’, try to train ‘it’ . . . long before they have actually experienced ‘it’ personally for themselves.

I love the way Christiane is so organic and pulls all of the elements of SUCCESS together until ‘the day’ those elements are ready to mix together to ‘work for her’.

I loved the way she says in German the word WORK translates “to CREATE”, so when Christiane goes to WORK, what she is really doing is CREATING.

And you know, how fantastic it feels when you are in your own creative space, so imagine what it is like to be creatively working around Christiane in her Practictioner Training or Master Track.
And on top of all of this, somehow she has found the time to create several books, including her newest: “The Law of Attraction Formula”.

IF you are NOT following Christiane Turner or her Quantum NLP [http://www.quantumnlp.net/], you may want to do so.

Blessed Be Christiane, Thank You for your inspiration to the world.

Jane Herron
at Jane Herron Speaks
and Training Without The Travel