A Testimonial From China

“In October 2009, I tentatively attended Mrs. Turner’s NLP in Business Practitioner Training Prior to that course. I’d gone through more than twenty NLP trainings and had been using NLP techniques for more than five years. I wondered if there was anything I could get from another NLP class. Within hours, I realized that the doubt was not necessary. Mrs. Turner is a world-class trainer. glowing in her sensitivity to students’ mentalities and effectiveness in teaching NLP methods. Yet beyond that, it is Mrs. Turner’s unconditional love above the differences of genders, bloods, races and countries that truly touched me and everyone in class. Students were elated with their breakthroughs and mastery of a variety of NLP techniques. Mrs. Turner’s teaching brings a sense of gratitude, value and responsibility to our daily lives with a comprehensible practicality.”

– Mr. Cheng Sheming
PhD Business Administration
Professor at Beijing University, Tsinghua University, and Nankai University
Top 50 Global Chinese Speechmaker
Receiver of the Time Magazine China Award for Top 10 Chinese Trainers 2010

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