Everything in the universe comes in pairs, and harmony is created by balancing out opposing positions.  Within ourselves we experience different aspects.  For example, in our brain hemispheres, where the one side is in charge of cognitive rational thinking and the other hemisphere is in charge of intuition and our feeling state.

The alignment between your internal masculine and feminine parts determines how effectively you use the Law of Attraction.  It is just as important to allow yourself to be still, receive and attract to you, as it is to go out there and make things happen, give and proactively manifest.

As we build your Quantum State, we want to make sure to include excellent communication between your masculine and feminine parts, so that you can have internal alignment and move toward your goals congruently.

Take some notes about affirmations that you can use to create harmony between your male and female parts.

For example:

I honor my masculine parts. I honor my feminine parts.

I am great at manifesting and I’m great at attracting.

– Excerpt from The Law of Attraction Formula

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