Become a Master of the Law of Attraction


The difference between people who are effectively using the Law of Attraction and those who are not is their level of immersion. Most people just talk about their dreams, or take actions that are convenient. Those who truly manifest their desires consistently, and live the kind of life that is deeply satisfying on all levels, have conditioned themselves to use the tools on a daily basis.

I invite you to fully immerse yourself, and set your intent to master the Law of Attraction. Put on your student hat. Become an apprentice to learn about the principles of manifestation as you would any other skill in which you want to develop expertise.

Commit Yourself to Becoming an Apprentice

Historically an apprentice was someone who committed to learn a specific skill set to prepare themselves for their desired career or trade. The training happened “on the job” while the apprentice was immersed in the specific field of their study. For example a blacksmith apprentice worked with their master in the blacksmith shop, or a papermaker apprentice worked alongside their master in the paper shop. In exchange for their labor, the apprentice received formal training from their master and achieved measurable competency in the skills they practiced over a period of time.

Today, when we use the term apprentice we mean someone who is committed to learning a specific set of skills in a certain area of expertise, such as the mastery of the Law of Attraction, or the study of Martial Arts, or the study of a musical instrument like the piano, trumpet or saxophone.

Learn from the Masters

To become a master yourself, I encourage you to expose yourself to people who have achieved what you want to attain. You can see firsthand that they have been able to fulfill their desires in certain areas of expertise. By learning from them you gather evidence in your own life that your desire is possible to achieve.

A true master is someone who is highly skilled and experienced in their specific skill set, like a person who has mastered the piano, oil painting, or ballet. They are an instructor who shares their knowledge with others and assists them in becoming proficient in their chosen skill.

Expose yourself to people who are experts in the area you want to improve. The more time you spend with them and learn from them in the tradition of an apprentice, the faster your own skills will develop and you will become proficient in your chosen area of expertise.

You wouldn’t take piano lessons from a body builder and likewise, you wouldn’t do athletic training with someone who is a very skilled musician, yet has no knowledge of sports.

Use your discernment as you choose who you study with. With our current technological advancements, we literally have all the knowledge of the world throughout history at our fingertips. We can research and learn from any person in any field in which we choose to immerse ourselves.

The only difference between someone who is “kind of” good at a skill and someone who is an expert is how much they have devoted themselves to the practice and how much time they have put into it.

So, where are you? Do you want to just “kind of” learn the Law of Attraction and “kind of” use it in your life, with the typical hit and miss results most people create, or are you committing yourself to become an Expert in the Law of Attraction?

How to Become an Expert

Whatever modality we observe, the leaders and stars in any given field are the products of systematic training and daily practice. Overwhelming evidence shows that top performers in surgery, acting, chess, aviation, and many other skills have excellent consistency in their practice, which sets them apart.

The journey to truly superior performance is not for the impatient. The development of genuine expertise requires dedication and honest self assessment. It takes time to engage in deliberate practice, practice that focuses on tasks beyond your current level of competence and comfort.

Not all practice is equal. When most people practice a new skill, they focus on the things they already know. Deliberate practice is different. It is your effort to do something you can’t do well yet which turns you into an expert faster. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you maximize the effect of your energy output, and reap the benefits of manifesting excellent results quicker.

As you dedicate yourself to master the Law of Attraction, you will begin to produce consistency in your results. You will be able to replicate your results through the use of proven skills.

Be nice to yourself as you practice and improve in using the Law of Attraction deliberately. Genuine experts not only practice differently, they also think differently. The more you encourage yourself and stay positive, the easier you will build the neurology that supports higher consciousness – and you will become a master manifester quickly.

Old Dogs Can’t Learn New Tricks. Or Can They?

Research has shown that musicians over 60 years old who practice approximately 10 hours a week can match the speed and technical skill of 20 year old expert musicians when tested on their ability to play a piece of unfamiliar music.

You can learn anything you set your mind to. As long as you are passionate about it and have the technical ability to perform the skill, anything is possible.

How to become an expert?
Practice, practice, practice


Excerpt from “The Law of Attraction Formula” by Christiane Turner

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