Create, Maintain and Raise Your Quantum State – Part 10

ACTIONS – How do you behave?

The more aligned your behaviors are with your high vibration state the easier your neurology is going to build the network to support your new actions and turn them into patterns and habits. A person in their Quantum State acts a certain way which is different from a person who is stuck in a low vibration mode of operation.

Since I started living in my Quantum State it has become the most normal thing for me to be outgoing and friendly with anybody I come in contact with, from new clients and students to people I get introduced to at gatherings or meetings, as well as clerks I encounter at the grocery store, the bank, in a restaurant, etc. And you would never guess that I used to have shyness issues years ago, and felt awkward striking up a conversation with a stranger.

When I am in my Quantum State actions that are natural:

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