Create, Maintain and Raise Your Quantum State Part 2

Part 2
Create, maintain and raise your Quantum State
VISUAL – How do you look?
When you imagine yourself living in your Quantum State every day of your life,  what do you notice?
Visualize yourself, how you look when you are happy, fulfilled, have joy and bliss, gratitude, peace of mind, trust, passion, freedom, etc. These are all internal qualities of high energy frequency. When you access those resources you look a certain way.
Your posture
The way you stand and hold your body
The relaxation of your muscles
Perhaps a smile on your face
Your eyes shine
Your skin glows
Your gestures and movements are flowing
You look healthy
These are all signs of you being in your Quantum State, and other people can easily notice that in you. It’s easily noticeable when you walk into a room. There is a certain aura around you when you are in your Quantum State.
When I am in my Quantum State I look:
Excerpt from The Law of Attraction Formula
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