Create, Maintain and Raise Your Quantum State – Part 8

AUDITORY – What kind of music do you listen to?

Music is another way to tap into your auditory system. For example, it’s been known for a long time that classical music helps with studying. And we start to understand that the kind of music we listen to has a deep impact on our emotional wellbeing. What kind of music are you thinking of when you are stepping into your high frequency? Which songs do you love most, that immediately raise your vibration?

There is a great variety of genres that are inspirational and encourage a high vibration.

  • Meditation, New Age and Spa
  • Classical and Opera
  • Electronic Dance Music
  • Rock and Pop
  • Soundtracks
  • Inspirational and Spiritual
  • Ethnic and World Music
  • Etc.

To me, instrumental music of any kind is the best way to raise my vibration because it gives me the space to have my own thoughts, while I enjoy the melody and rhythm of the song. I have a whole library of songs in different genres in my library and essentially have music going all day long, according to my current activities and what time of day it is.

I have friends who enjoy easy listening, others who love reggae and funk, and others who mainly dive into classical music. The genre does not matter as long as it makes you happy and raises your vibration.

List of genres and songs that help me to enhance my Quantum State:

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