Create, Maintain, and Raise Your Quantum State

Teaching Series – 12 weeks
Part 1
Create, maintain and raise your Quantum State
Your Quantum State consists of many aspects that are in alignment with each other. In this series we are going to go through them together in detail, so you can fully immerse yourself in them as you build your own Quantum State.
You will learn how to add resources to your internal state to create your own mindset of unlimited possibilities, and fueled by positive energy.
The ultimate goal of building your Quantum State is to raise your vibration to higher frequencies. First you consciously create your Quantum State, than you maintain it and raise it to ever higher levels on your way to enlightenment.
Your Quantum State is your mindset when you are at a very high energy frequency. You are in the flow, and everything comes easily to you. You live in a reality fueled by your vision and mission. And you consistently attract the perfect people, events and circumstances into your life.
When you live in your Quantum State you realize that you create your reality from the inside out. You understand that anything is possible, and that you get to choose what you want to put your attention on. Your focus determines your outcomes and you are deliberate in the energy you send out to the universe.
From the book Law of Attraction Formula
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