Embark on your heroic quest with Jan Magner

Come on the Journey of a lifetime….YOUR’S! What would it be like to understand your life’s choices and “WHY”?

This intensive explores the works of Joseph Campbell, Caroline Myss and Carol S. Pearson as well as the research in Alchemy that Jan has studied for years. Walk away with a clear understanding of where you are on your Journey.

Date: Saturday, June 18th from 1.00 – 5.00 pm

Location: Safety Consortium at 400 W Lawndale Dr., Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

For more information, tuition and to register please call Jan Magner at (801) 815-3404 or go to www.janmagner.com


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Even as a Youth, in the 1970’s, Jan was interested in the Mind-Body Connection, and the Law of Attraction, having read books such as “The Power of Positive Thinking”, “Psycho-Cybernetics, and “Think and Grow Rich”.

After attaining a Bachelors’ Degree in Physical Education from Brigham Young University, with a Dance Emphasis and Theater Minor, Jan developed the Exercise Program called “Isotonetics” where she noticed her clients achieving great success when with her, and then sabotaging their efforts when they got home. This lead her into studying NLP, Hypnosis, Feng Shui, Massage Therapy, and Energy work for the last 34 years. She realized that we are affected on a Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic level, and that all these areas need to be in balance in order to achieve the maximum potential that we can possibly acquire.

Now equipped with many tools in her tool box to assist Humanity, Jan has created a Holistic Coaching and Training Business, where she custom fits her skill set with the needs of the Customer.

Having worked with such companies as Citi-Bank, Hilton Hotels, Eastern Airlines, as well as smaller businesses and Entrepreneurs, Jan tailors her expertise to accommodate the Individual as well as the Team.

Her Workshop, “Treasure Mapping with Feng Shui and NLP”, published as an Audio CD in the Coach in a Box Series, is an example of how she gathers diverse information and coordinates it into a usable system to achieve results in eliminating limiting Beliefs, Goal Setting, and Personal Growth. The results are immediate.

Jan currently is an International Quantum NLP Trainer and Coach, while also maintaining a private Holistic Wellness Practice.

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