Feeling the spring energy

Dear friends in the New Consciousness Community,

Equinox and Spring are just around the corner, and here in Southern Utah the temperatures are perfect for outdoor explorations. I am spending a lot of time in nature with the family when I’m not in the office, which creates a lovely balance in my life. Shawn makes sure I am eating healthy and get my meditation time. I’m so lucky to call this my reality.


Then it’s time to hit the road again. First of course the family is traveling to Salt Lake City for the EXPO on March 29th, then I’m on my way to Germany, with a quick trip to China from there. And then the big one month trip to Shanghai, China in May/June to teach in the QNLP Business Certification Training.

I’m super grateful for all the wonderful experiences 2014 has already brought into my life. and I’m looking forward to the upcoming adventures of the next few months. I’m deeply grateful to my family, friends, and community for their support in this journey. Many blessings to you all, and may your personal and professional dreams come true with ease and joy!

Yours truly,


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