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You are awesome! It is a pleasure to have you here visiting the Quantum NLP Blog and as you were drawn to visit it is our intent that you enjoy your visit. It is also our intent that you might take something from the pages that will help you and inspire you as you travel on your journey. In the last post we shared something of an introduction from Christiane Turners new book “The Law of Attraction Formula” © 2014. In this post it would be a pleasure to share with you a deeper view of the opening Chapter so you may have a better feel of what the book and its content may bring to your personal life and our world.
 The first Chapter opens us to the understanding of how the Universe works and what the “Law of Attraction” is as a Universal Law. The following excerpt from Christianes book “The Law of Attraction Formula”© 2014 gives us a little insight.
How the universe works
Latest discoveries in science now verify what the ancients knew already thousands of years ago.
In this chapter
We look at the changing role of science and what it has to say about the workings of the universe.
We learn the basic principles of the Law of Attraction.
I want to know how life works
When I start a new training, I usually ask my students what their intent is for attending my classes. One of the most profound answers I ever received came from one of my clients in Shanghai, China. His response to my question was: “I want to know how life works.” That sentence touched me deeply, and stuck with me, because it’s so simple and amazingly true.
He elegantly put into one sentence the big question that has been driving my studies and is at the core of my quest to bring together the spiritual principles from ancient civilizations with the latest discoveries in modern science.”
I believe we all at times have asked that question either of ourselves or of someone we respect and admire for their wisdom and knowledge. The unfolding and revelations shared in the first chapter are a glimpse at the evolution of Science and the workings of our Universe that science is beginning to confirm. The Ancients knew these things without the benefit of our modern equipment and experiments yet as we begin to prove the Ancient wisdom and beliefs we expand on their knowledge through science. Here is another excerpt from Christianes book “The Law of Attraction Formula” © 2014 where we can see the relationship between the past and the present as well as spirituality and science.
“This is the most exciting time to be on the planet, as we come full circle, and are rediscovering the basic connection between spirituality and science to realize that they are one and the same, just expressed in different languages.
With the development of quantum physics scientists have discovered that on the most fundamental level everything in the universe is made of energy, which we can describe as pure consciousness and potential.
In the ancient societies there was no separation between science  and spirituality – until about 600 B.C. in classical Greece, when a split of this unity was created by scholars with their diverse views about how the universe works. They drew a clear line between energy and matter, and asserted that matter consists of basic building blocks, which led to the theory of the atom as the smallest indivisible unit.”
“In the beginning of the 20th century, new scientific discoveries spurred profound changes of concepts like time, space, and matter. A radically different world view emerged, which – one hundred years later – is still being formulated by the physicists of our time.
Through the discovery of the general theory of relativity by Albert Einstein, the old three dimensional model of the universe with time as a separate entity fell apart which changed the whole framework that was used to describe nature.
At the same time, young European physicists dove into the subatomic (quantum) world, as they realized that the language of traditional physics was not adequate to describe events on an atomic scale, which lead to the development of a precise mathematical formula of their quantum theories.
At the beginning of the 21st century we have a much better grasp of the nature of the atom, and have come a long way in our understanding of energy underlying matter. With the latest developments in neuro science we have opened a whole new chapter in studying consciousness. And the results are astounding and undeniable.
I can only imagine the magnitude of the discoveries about energy and consciousness we have ahead of us in the next fifty to a hundred years.”
Christiane Turner from the “Law of Attraction Formula” © 2014
The Chapter shares a number of points as proven in scientific experiments such as the “Double slit experiment that proves everything is made of energy and we influence that energy with our thoughts which are also energy. We interact with that energy as well as create energy with our intent the book and the Formula Christiane shares in it are the stepping stones to our own understanding and Mastery of our manifestations in our lives.
In upcoming posts we will look at some of the ways we can begin to see how we manifest our reality and how we can master our manifestations and live the life we have always wanted. Through the learning and Mastering the Formula Christiane has discovered and brings to us in a practical, understandable and do able way we all can become Masters of our lives and the” Law of Attraction’ making positive change in ourselves and the world we live in. As we move forward armed with knowledge and the intent of Creating from a higher state of Vibration we become Masters of Manifestation.
Thank you for sharing your time here visiting and taking the time to read this blog post and the others you may have been inspired to read. Your presence is as always greatly appreciated as is your being you, you are awesome! Until next week may joy and abundance fill your days and nights.. One of my favorite quotes seems appropriate so I will share one from Spock “Live long and Prosper”
Christiane Turner
 with Joe Bradshaw
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