How to Make A Big Dream Reality

A friend of mine always had wanted to live in San Francisco, California. For years she had talked about how much she would love to live there, yet she never took any action to make her dream a reality. One day she decided to follow through with her vision and spent an afternoon visualizing herself living in San Francisco. She went into all the details she could think of, in regards to her living space, people she wanted to meet and friends she wanted to make, the job she would find, etc. Besides imagining herself already living in San Francisco, she also took notes of the specific steps to make that move happen. She set certain goals with completion dates for herself, like researching the job and housing markets in San Francisco, creating a plan and budget for the move and figuring out what to do with her furniture. Let me tell you the part I liked best about her strategy: On a daily basis she set one small goal for herself, something that would move her towards her outcome. Like investigating a specific website for job information or starting to de-clutter one room after another. By doing just one item every day, she had everything ready to go in less than three month. On a beautiful clear winter morning she said good bye to her family and friends and drove off with her rent-a-truck, direction San Francisco. Now, when I talk to her on the phone she always confirms how happy she is to have moved and how everything turned out perfectly as in her dreams.
Just like my friend, who achieved her goal by taking small steps on a daily basis, the question becomes for you: What are the realistic steps you can take right now? What are the little things you can do to achieve your outcome? Because even the little steps will move you towards your goal. Build in a daily routine that reminds you of your goal. Some kind of ritual or ceremony, something that keeps you in the zone.
Science is teaching us many new and encouraging facts about the brain and how it works. We have literally learned more about the brain in the few years since the new millennium than in hundreds of years before. My greatest hope and intent is, that people truly understand the power and magnificence of their brain and to start using it appropriately. It is like having the most beautiful eight cylinder car in your garage and whenever you use it you only drive it on three cylinders. We all know what that would do to a car over time. Now, think about the capacity of your brain and ask yourself how many cylinders you are running your brain on? It’s okay to be honest, whatever answer you come up with, know it’s just your starting point. You can create whatever reality you wish for. I have seen people start new families, have children, embark on a completely new career, move to a new country and much more so many times that I absolutely believe that we can change the trajectory of our life completely.

– Excerpt from Thought Into Manifestation

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