How to master the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction Workshop - September 18, 2014
“The Law of Attraction Formula”
Did you know there was a formula to successfully create the life you want to live?  Christiane Turner the creator of Quantum NLP shares the formula in her new book “The Law of Attraction Formula” © 2014 by Christiane Turner. The last couple of posts here on the Quantum NLP Blog have been sharing a little from the book and Christiane’s vision as far as applying the law of attraction in our lives and how doing so will in turn change our communities and our world.
Most of you are probably curious, what exactly is the “Law of Attraction Formula”? It sounds like it may be complicated. It is not at all complicated, Christiane shares not only the formula, she shares how to best learn, the methods and implement them in our daily lives in her upcoming book “The Law of Attraction Formula” due out later this year.
Law of Attraction Formula:
Quantum State + Thought Process = Quantum Results
Your feelings plus your thoughts equal your reality.
One of the things that stands out as significant as I read the book was how we become “Masters of the Law of Attraction” To begin we must become apprentices…  The following excerpt is from the book “The Law of Attraction Formula” © 2014 by Christiane Turner;
Commit yourself to become an apprentice
Historically an apprentice was someone who committed to learn a specific skill set to prepare themselves for their desired career or trade. The training happened “on the job” while the apprentice was immersed in the specific field of their study. For example a black smith apprentice worked with his master in the black smith shop, or a paper maker apprentice worked alongside his master in the paper shop. In exchange for their labor, the apprentice received formal training from his master and achieved measureable competency in the skills they practiced over a period of time.
Today, when we use the term apprentice we talk about someone who is committed to learn a specific set of skills in a certain area of expertise, for example the mastery of the Law of Attraction, or the study of Martial Arts, or the study of a musical instrument like the piano, trumpet or saxophone.
The aspiration of the apprentice is to become a skilled master themselves.
Learn from the Masters
To become a master yourself I encourage you to expose yourself to people who have achieved what you want to attain. You can see firsthand that they have been able to fulfill their desires in a certain area of expertise. By learning from them you gather evidence in your own life that your desire is possible to achieve.
A true master is someone who is highly skilled and experienced in their specific skill set, like a person who has mastered a musical instrument, oil painting, or ballet. They are an instructor who shares their knowledge with others and assists them in becoming proficient in the chosen skill.
Expose yourself to people who are experts in the area you want to improve in. The more time you spend with them and learn from them in the tradition of an apprentice the faster your own skills will develop and you become proficient in your chosen area of expertise.
One of the great things about Christiane is that you have the gift of learning the “Law Of Attraction Formula” from a Master…
The next few posts we will look deeper into the wisdom Christiane shares in the book and her videos the methods of achieving your quantum state, learning how to adjust your thought process and establish a good base feeling wise so that you might better understand and be inspired to become a Master of the law of attraction in your lives by learning the methods Christiane shares and using the “Law of Attraction Formula” to create and manifest the reality you desire.
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Christiane Turner
With Joe Bradshaw
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  1. Law of attraction is not a thing which is new to the world, but this is being used by the people since ancient times. This phenomenon is used mainly when you think or make plans to achieve something in your life.

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