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Welcome to the Quantum NLP blog! If you have been here before or are just visiting for the first time, it is our intent that you may find some useful information (or at least a smile) while you are here. Over the last few posts we have been enjoying looking into Christiane’s new book “The Law of Attraction Formula”, due out later this year. We are quite fortunate to get a preview, and it is a gift to be able to share with you some of the highlights and insights Christiane shares in her new book.
As I was reading the book, I found the worksheets extremely useful. In every chapter as Christiane guides us through the process of becoming a “Master of the Law of Attraction” she asks us to ask the questions of ourselves that will help us move beyond just manifesting and creating by default. She also asks us to find our limiting beliefs, those we were taught and inherited from our families, our society and our cultural heritage. The book contains a number of examples and some work sheets to get us started.
Some sample work sheets and questions from Christiane’s upcoming book “The Law of Attraction Formula” ©2014 by Christiane Turner:
 We explore how to step into your Quantum State.
Build your own Quantum State
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I have included the Quantum State Check List, so you can browse through it and start to understand what we are talking about in regards to the different sections of your Quantum State.
 Quantum State Check List
What do you see? How do you look? How does your neurology look?
What do you say to yourself? What do you hear? What do you tell other people? What are your affirmations? What kind of music do you listen to?
Body Sensations
How does your body feel? What is your posture like? How is your breathing?
How do you behave?
Immediate Results
What are the effects you experience?
Long-term Effects
How does this affect you over time? What is the ripple effect you create?
Someone in your immediate environment?
Someone you admire for their qualities?
Someone who is a great leader?
Your future self or higher self?
A spirit or guide?
Resource Council
Who do you want in your corner to support you?
Which resources do you want to activate within you?
What perspective do you want to have on the world?
How do I align my internal parts?
Which stories do you like? Which heroes do you admire?
Who are you? What is your identity statement? What is your symbol?
Who do you serve? Who gets to benefit?
What is a physical anchor you can create? What is a great anchor in your environment?
The questions inspire in us our answers and our ability to raise our level of consciousness and attain a more consistent state of higher vibration. Throughout the book, Christiane share some of her personal experiences and examples of how the knowledge she shares helped transform her own Quantum State.
“I remember the 10 years I wasted learning to play the piano, because of my unwillingness to immerse myself into the study.
While practicing songs by Bach and Mozart my thoughts were more of the nature of “When is going to be over…” and “What a waste of time…” No wonder my musical career was doomed.
It’s up to you how fast you integrate the Law of Attraction. It depends on your openness to change, learn and integrate the material presented to you. I encourage you to expose yourself to this information over and over again. Immerse yourself, and go beyond just talking about using the Law of Attraction, or doing what’s convenient.” – Excerpt from “The Law of Attraction Formula” © 2014 by Christiane Turner
Thank you for sharing your time here visiting and taking the time to read this blog post and the others you may have been inspired to read. Your presence is as always greatly appreciated as is your being you, you are awesome! Until next week, may joy and abundance fill your days and nights..
Christiane Turner
 with Joe Bradshaw
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