Is The Law of Attraction Hard To Use?

Has that question crossed your mind? Christiane shares a very simplified and condensed set of tools that are easy to learn and easy to use.

“Actually, the Law of Attraction is amazingly easy:

All you need to do is send out the frequency of your desire, and you will attract exactly that vibration right back to you.  With that being said, most people are not very proficient in doing that!

The difference between people who are effectively using the Law of Attraction and those who are not is their level of immersion. Most people just talk about their dreams, or take actions that are convenient. Those who truly manifest their desires consistently, and live the kind of life that is deeply satisfying on all levels, have conditioned themselves to use the tools on a daily basis.”

What is stopping you from implementing the Law of Attraction in your daily life? If you knew a few simple techniques and applied them with the intent of achieving your goals you would achieve them quickly and with ease. Take action and acquire the knowledge and tools that will consciously empower you to utilize the Law of Attraction and change your life beyond what you ever dreamed possible.

This blog features excerpts from “The Law of Attraction Formula” by Christiane Turner
with contributing author Joe Bradshaw

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