It’s All about Our Perception of Reality!

small_man_with_arms_raised-300x199A story from the past as inspiration for now . . .

When I was in my teenage years I read a novel about a young man, who lived in a prosperous society. He felt that something was missing and began a search, which steered him to a tunnel that led away from the city he lived in. At the end of his long and adventurous journey, when he comes out of the tunnel, the reader realizes that his society lives underground in complete darkness, and that the young man was seeing light for the first time in his life.

I remember being totally amazed by the twist at the end of the story, and what an immense experience it must be to go from total darkness to a world bathed in light. What a shift in perception!

And that’s how I feel when I think of the Law of Attraction and how the laws of the universe work in regards to proactive co-creation of one’s life. Just like the protagonist in the story who is experiencing the sensation of light for the first time and wakes up to whole new world, so are we collectively awakening to a whole new level of existence. What a cool journey!!!

Have fun along the way, and Be well,


Click Here to enjoy this little video about perception.

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