Join us on November 5th for the Law of Attraction Summit

We are looking forward to a fun day of learning and connecting with fellow community members. Either join us for a couple of presentations or spend the whole day with us.

Bring your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and community members

Saturday, November 5th
from 10.00 am – 3.00 pm
At the SLCC Larry H. Miller Campus in Sandy

Enhance your

– Health and Wellbeing
– Relationships and Community
– Career and Business
– Finances and Abundance

Summit Schedule of Presentations:

Two tracks to choose from with plenty of time in between the presentations to meet the speakers and sponsors, and experience the variety of their services and products to help you become more effective in your own use of the Law of Attraction in your personal and business life.


10:00 am – 10:30 am
Julia Johnson: Bring Health, Wealth, & Happiness to Your Life

11:00 am – 11:30 am
Tina Jones: Conscious Relationships – Ditch the Drama, Speak Your Truth

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm
Holly Stokes: The Missing Piece to the Law of Attraction

1:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Detrich Hay: Mastering Your Relationship with Energy

2:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Christiane Turner: Using the Law of Attraction Formula for the Holidays


10:00 am – 10:30 am
James Purpura: Powerful U – Reset Your Perception, Reset Your Life

11:00 pm – 11:30 pm
Angella Johnson: Power Tools to Change Your Money Story

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm
Diane Cunningham: Increase Your Vibrations to Attract Ideal Clients

1:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Beth Ann McMerrick: New Twist on Law of Attraction for Your Money

2:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Donna Wysinger: Mastering Your Business Zen for the Holidays


Presentations and Speakers:

Most people are usually pretty stressed out when they think about the holidays and all the things taking place during that time. The good news is that is does not have to be that way. You are truly able to create the most amazing time, memories that you love remembering, experiences at home, at work and in the community that are deeply satisfying and fulfilling. And I will show you exactly how you can do that by using the basic principles of the Law of Attraction and practice the formula that underlies all manifestations. Are you curious yet? Excellent. Because all you need to bring is your curiosity, an open heart and mind. And let the miracles begin…
CHRISTIANE TURNER is an International Author, Coach, Consultant, and Quantum NLP Trainer. Always exploring the next possible threshold of human consciousness, Christiane easily navigates the constantly shifting landscape of Training, Coaching and Consulting, moving between ancient wisdom and modern technology, basing her teachings on the models and skills of the many cultures she has encountered in her global traveling, as well as the basic principles of Quantum Physics and the newest scientific discoveries, related to consciousness. She is the creator and organizer of the annual “New Consciousness EXPO” begun in 2006 in Salt Lake City, the “Law of Attraction Club,” which started in 2006, and her newest project, the “Law of Attraction Summit,” which is celebrating its third year.

CONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIPS: How to Ditch the Drama and Speak Your Truth with Yourself and Others
In this class we will discuss the habitual ways that we block connection in conversation. We numb out, avoid, and ignore strong emotions for a variety of reasons. This creates a disconnect with ourselves and with those we love. There is a better way.
TINA JONES is a Certified Life and Relationship Coach, Quantum NLP Practitioner, and Brain Trainer Practitioner. She has twenty years business experience as an Entrepreneur and is living her passion of coaching and supporting others to feel more at peace, balanced, confident and personally empowered. She has a unique ability to see past surface language and behaviors to the true inner beauty and character of each individual person. People feel at ease and very loved in her space. From this place, she teaches people to eradicate habitual mind clutter, change limiting language patterns, rewrite old traumatic stories and develop new positive habits. With these tools people can have peaceful, loving, conscious, connected relationships with family, friends and life partners.

The law of attraction is called the universal manager of all energy vibrations. You have a say in what you experience. The vibration you offer always receives a reply. Detrich will be speaking to you about mastering your relationship with energy. How 5 steps can help you hold steady the energy vibration you most want to experience. Through applying these steps daily, you can have a broader understanding of why specific energies show up in your experience, and more likely stay present and unattached yet connected to a broader awareness, opening to the guidance within. Come sit with Detrich and walk away feeling more connected to life!
DETRICH HAY is an Intuitive Guide, Energy Healer, Psychic Intuitive, Inspirational Speaker, and Writer. Detrich brings clarity and comfort in recognizing obstacles as gifts that honor life. He offers powerful insights through several mediums including, clairaudient (hearing), clairsentient (feeling), and clairvoyant (seeing) gifts. These gifts are shared through his workshops and classes, energy work, readings, and guidance sessions. Detrich is writing a book and almost ready to share it.

In this workshop, we’ll identify the keys to making the Law of Attraction work, plus learn about the missing pieces to the puzzle – and what you can do to rise above the obstacles. Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. As we use the Law of Attraction, we find it easier to manifest and create when we allow for the Mystery. Discover what clues to look for – and what tools to use, to turn effort and frustration into greater ease and flow. Learn to find your ease in using the Law of Attraction to move forward and find greater flow in your life.
HOLLY STOKES — The Brain Trainer, has more than 20 years experience in the field of applied psychology. Through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and Coaching, she loves empowering clients to lead healthier, happier lives by engaging the power of the mind. She has authored two books and created several CDs designed to rewire the brain for weight loss, health, happiness and success and loves to empower people with ‘Brain Skills’ for life. She has been quoted by Shape Magazine, Active Times and Chicago Tribune and appears on radio shows and local TV. She says, “Whatever you want to create in your life – the answers are in your brain.”

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or head of your own empire . . . and you are dreading the holiday season and all of the stress and chaos-filled FUN it will bring, this presentation is for YOU. Learn our best tips for creating a festive spirit and a positive holiday attitude for your business AND your life! Discover the Zen Master Stepping Stones for enjoying your best season ever and find out how you can glide into the new year with enthusiasm and ease!
DONNA WYSINGER is a Quantum NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer and uses her skills to create the life of her dreams and help others create theirs. Her expertise as an author, trainer, coach, and consultant has allowed her to design custom programs and group coaching for entrepreneurs and home-based business owners to take their business to the next level. Donna is known in the QNLP community as a “Master Manifester” AND for living the “Laptop Lifestyle” which allows her to work from anywhere in the world!

Your heart is calling you to this experiential session. Learn how the Peruvian Shamans worked with the electromagnetic field to make shifts in the body. How they honored Munay and Ayni to create transformation. Discover different ways to raise your vibrations to attract your ideal clients… Come discover the mystery.
DIANE CUNNINGHAM — Perfect for coaches, healers and business owners of all kinds!!! For over twenty years, the Consciousness Community has had the great pleasure of including Diane Cunningham as one of our core members. Diane works with coaches and healers to attract the number of clients that they desire. Diane helps you to increase your flow of clients while doing the work that you love most. Many of Diane’s clients live in the spiritual world and either they are uncomfortable with marketing or simply don’t know how to market themselves. Diane Cunningham sees the obstacles and blockages. She shifts them so that clients can bring their visions into the real world with success. She does this with a blend of proven marketing strategies and a shamanic tool box.

POWERFUL U: Reset Your Perception, Reset Your Life
We are all caught in a Perception Loop. By understanding this innovative new concept, you will be able to break free of the patterns that dominate your life, and come into alignment with all of the things that you desire.
JAMES PURPURA is an American Entrepreneur and Philosopher. James and his wife Stephanie went from rags to riches, and have spent the last 12 years studying and documenting every step along the way on their journey to success. Now they want to share with the world how they implemented concepts like the Law of Attraction to build an exceptional life for themselves.

What do you think about money? Is it exciting? Is it daunting? Is it evil? Is it spiritual? What is your Money Vibration? What do you need to do to upgrade your vibration to a level of attraction that affords you the life you want? What is your reality? How do you change your reality and provide proof of your ability to master money? Your belief about money is purely the financial results you are experiencing. Learn how to take your money life to the next level and attract the financial opportunities you want.
BETH ANN MCMERRICK is a holistic financial mentor, international speaker, author, money energy healer, and trusted accountant. As the founder and CEO of Divine Money Mastery Inc. and Accounting Cents Inc. Beth Ann utilizes over 22 years of business management, accounting, and finance experience to teach you how to master your finances, build your business, and breakthrough your financial barriers. Beth Ann is the author of the Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards, which teach how to master, balance, and heal mind, body, spirit, and wallet. She also provides tools for individuals to sharpen their financial skills and knowledge, including tax, ownership, financial organization, and resource management.

For 40 years Julia Johnson has had one compelling, driving question that has held her focus and her heart and driven her life’s work . What are the forces of nature and spirit that create miracles? How can we harness that force and bring health, wealth and happiness into our realm of life? As the co-owner and co-creator of NOVICHI, Julia shares some of her key elemental discoveries.
JULIA JOHNSON began her journey as a healer at 22 years old. At age 25 she had her first introduction into the world of Mind/Body Connection. She became a clinical hypnotherapist in her late 20’s and learned healing arts such as rapid eye, NLP, TFT, Carol Truman, and Louise Hay’s work. In her 30’s she had a full time clientele and taught workshops while raising her daughters. After a family tragedy, Julie healed through her work with the iHealth system and training and teaching all over the US and in Europe. In 2011 Julia met husband Kevin and together they created their own frequency medicine device and in 2014 launched NoviChi.

If you have tried for years to heal your money story, Angella is giving you power tools to CHANGE your money and create a vibrant relationship with it. This is not about affirmations, budgeting, or a magical meditation, this is about simple tools that will change your money story because you are not broken. In this presentation, you will learn: the power tool to quickly change your vibration to be a match for what you desire, how to change your ability to create money with more ease and to change your money relationship to one of peace and more possibilities, and how to use “Expansive Questions” to create a truly abundant future.
ANGELLA JOHNSON thought the reason she didn’t have money was because her money mindset was so broken that she was a lost cause. After reading countless books, attending workshop after workshop, diligently doing affirmations and so much more for over 20 years, nothing was changing. She went from being an avid money avoider and spender with a ruined credit score, and bill collectors calling her daily, to having a vibrant relationship with money. It continues to grow. Angella recognizes that money and money shame is a perpetual problem for people and part of her mission is to give people real tools that work so they can create a new reality for themselves. The one thing she knows is that no one is broken and if you are willing, you can change your money story.

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