Law of Attraction Club meetings on a monthly basis

Thanks to our wonderful community partners we are able to offer the Law of Attraction Club meeting on a monthly basis.

Join us on Sunday, June 19th at the LOTUS in Draper.

Click on the link for the facebook invitation:

With Crystal Dawn Doty
Author of “What would Angels do?”
Learn to use the LOA to create your wishes


We will be hosting an afternoon with Crystal Dawn Doty for her recently published book, “What Would Angels Do?” She will walk us through a meditation, read from her book, share behind the scenes insights she received while writing the book, and answer your questions about angels, Archangels, and her writing process.

The Archangels know how to make things happen! They work hard at their jobs and they cannot be distracted from their mission. They are committed to helping us become successful, and they tirelessly do everything in their power to help us fulfill our life’s purpose.

By learning about the 15 Archangels featured in this book, you will have a better understanding of how you can do what they would do if they were in human form

Meeting logistics:
We are in the back room of the Lotus in Draper
This is a Free Club to Join

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