Learn how you can improve your manifestations

Join our next Law of Attraction Club meeting on January 15th at the LOTUS in Draper.

Manifest your dreams from the inside-out

We all know that thoughts become things. But, what if your thoughts are clouded and unfocused due to low energy, eating foods that don’t serve you or not getting the sleep your body needs and deserves?

WHAT are you really attracting?

Come join us for a conversation about how to get your Body in line with your Awareness and your Spirit. Walk away with a complete understanding of the fact that how you feed your body is as important as how you think. Learn tips and tricks to get more energy, more focus, and learn to live in Wellness, Purpose and Abundance.

Our presenter, Nance S. Ciasca, is a Certified Transformational Heath Coach who has spent years getting her body in aligned with its purpose. After overcoming an autoimmune disease and learning to live in the balance of Body, Awareness and Spirit, she has made it her life goal to serve you in steering you to the life you deserve and are meant to live – Your Greater Self! Attract what you really want and find your life’s purpose. Focus the thoughts in your mind and mirror your true self to others though your whole being.

Click here for more info and to join the event

We are looking forward to see you there,


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