My greatest wish for 2014

Dear Quantum Tribe,

The first two weeks of 2014 have already been so amazing, full, and crazy, that I can only imagine how the rest of the year is going to look. And we have not even started our new QNLP Practitioner Training yet. All I’m doing right now is to put all the pieces and logistics in place to fulfill the promises made to our students and clients in our global community.

I am extremely lucky that my home office is in a spectacular natural setting, and that I get to share my experience of QNLP with my family. My greatest wish for 2014 is that humanity is taking a quantum leap in consciousness so that we can embrace a more sustainable lifestyle together – globally!

Thank you for your support of Quantum NLP, the Law of Attraction, and the New Consciousness Community. These are all parts of the solution that are going to evolve humanity to the next level, and I honor all of my fellow light workers and transformation practitioners, who are out there, making a difference in the world.

Sincerely, and with a grateful heart,



This picture was taken at Zion National Park during a flash flood, which was totally fun to watch!

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