Our community is the manifestation of high consciousness

One of the biggest learning lessons of organizing the New Consciousness EXPO over the last 10 years has been to move from a place of having a lot of stress during the organizing process and moving to a place of peace and tranquility while being in the months long preparation and taking care of a myriad of details. I just chatted with Shawn about the upcoming summit and how beautifully and easily everything is developing. There is literally no stress at all associated with the creation of this event.

To me this is the Law of Attraction in Action. Our tribe has created a momentum where the event is simply unfolding itself. Stress is a low vibration and there is simply no more space for that in the consciousness we are now vibrating in as a community. Our Mode of Operation is Joy, Fun, Flow, Ease… Ahhhhh, doesn’t that just feel great???

Dear community, dear tribe!
I can not thank you enough for all the contributions you are making to the summit – in so many ways. Your passion for the Law of Attraction is making this happen in the first place, your dedication to learn and grow, your yearning for community and hanging out with like minded people. And so many of you share their time, donate money, dedicate your energy to causes that raise the vibration in the larger community.

It’s such an awesome energy we are all tapping into together, and I am just in AWE and enjoy witnessing the process of how our gathering on the 14th of November will manifest itself.

A big huge Thank You to all of our sponsors, presenters, volunteers and staff who help make this event a reality. A special Thank You to our visitors – all of dear guests who are giving us the reason and purpose to put together a summit to celebrate the Law of Attraction.

See you in just a couple of weeks in Salt Lake City, and until then I will check in frequently with more info about the Law of Attraction, and what’s happening at the Summit on November 14th.



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