Our global Law of Attraction Community is growing rapidly

We are absolutely delighted to share with you a few statistics we have just received in regards to our global exposure.

Since the posting of our first Law of Attraction video series in April 2016 in China more than 8.4 Million people have watched our videos online.

Yes, you are reading correctly: We are talking over 8 Million people!!!

And that’s not all:  Over 100.000 people have also purchased our professional video series that is available to the corporate training market. At the same time we are attracting more and more corporate sponsors to bring the Law of Attraction to their employees, promoting a better work environment and balance between personal and professional life.

All in all, we couldn’t be happier. This is what we have been dreaming of and working towards to for the last three years in bringing the Law of Attraction to Asia.

None of that could have happened without your participation and support. Being part of the Law of Attraction Club, coming to the New Consciousness EXPO and Law of Attraction Summit every year in Salt Lake City, Utah, has greatly contributed to creating our local community. Together we are holding the space for the Law of Attraction to spread globally.


At this time of Thanksgiving and Holiday cheer I want to express to you my deepest gratitude for always believing in me and my vision, supporting our local events, and encouraging me on my travels through social media. I love you all, and wish you the most wonderful holiday season.


PS : In case you need an extra energy boost for the holidays, make sure to enjoy my free video to help you raise your vibration and create your Quantum State right here

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