Past recipients of the Conscious Community Award

Over the years we have honored people and organizations who have gone above and beyond with their service to the community. Through their engagement they have contributed to others and have raised consciousness in Salt Lake City and Utah.

Enjoy the list of past recipients of the

You will see many familiar names. They are movers and shakers in our community, people who share their energy with others to help them grow and transform:

Suzi Smith
Larry Dillenbeck
Laura Arellano
Jan Magner
Angela Gifford-Carter and Greg Carter
Sylvia Nibley
Transformation Station
Tattwic Tides
Deeksha Utah
The Lotus, Bill Jun
Anna Sierra

On Sunday, March 19th, at our Law of Attraction Club meeting, from 2.00 – 3.30 pm at the LOTUS in Draper, we will announce the recipient of this years award. Stay tuned for updates.

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