The Link Between Your Thoughts and Your Environment

“As you begin to understand how to be more deliberate with your thoughts and feelings, you start to gather more evidence that there is a direct link between your internal energy vibration and what you attract to you in your environment.

It’s a radical change in perception, and literally in its infancy stage of understanding by mass consciousness. Instead of things happening out there and all we get to do is to react to those things (as propagated under Newtonian law), we are now exploring the idea that we actually influence our external circumstances from the inside out.

When you raise your consciousness your awareness increases. You begin to manifest more deliberately from the inside out. You understand that everything you experience in your life is a reflection of what’s going on inside of you. You view your external conditions as the result of your internal manifestations, which is a very empowered way of being in this world, and greatly determines the quality of your experience of reality.”

Excerpt from The Law of Attraction Formula

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