The Power of Intention


Enjoy this special story . . .

“I have to tell you my story. For over 20 years I have said I was going to win the lottery and with that money I would find respite for people who care for others with disabilities. Well I keep forgetting or never get around to buying the lottery ticket. However I keep telling everyone that is my goal.

“5 days ago I was given $900 for 18 people (that is $900 each) to have Respite. I have a month to get them signed up.

“So, power of intention works even if you don’t buy the lottery ticket.  This is not a lot of money in the scheme of people’s needs.  However to a person who is a caregiver to have $900 dollars to get relief is a big deal.  And I feel like I won the lottery for them.

“Next time I’m in a place to buy a lottery ticket I will.”

~ Sent in by one of our fabulous Quantum NLP tribe members.


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