The Quantum NLP Tribe is Growing

Dear Community,

As we get rolling in the new year, my greatest wish for 2013 is that the consciousness community uses its great momentum and keeps growing. As more and more people create love and happiness in their lives, they will naturally spread that energy around the globe. And for that I’m deeply grateful.

At Quantum NLP we do our part by bringing like minded people together and by offering opportunities for eduation and social interactions.

Have a fabulous 2013 and make sure to connect with us, and be part of our tribe.

Christiane 🙂



We are an inclusive group and provide opportunities for our members to interact and help each other raise their energetic vibration.

The purpose of our tribe is to raise consciousness in the community.

Our vision is a global community of people with high consciousness, acknowledging the oneness of all life on the planet.

Our mission is to provide the opportunity to learn skills, interact socially and share resources with like minded people to raise consciousness in the community.

These are the benefits you get for being a Quantum NLP Tribe Member:

  •  You are part of an inclusive community, which is open to the public
  • A place where you are welcome and belong
  • Communication with other tribe members
  • Learn skills to raise your consciousness
  • Connect with high energy people and enjoy activities together
  • Build your confidence through leadership opportunities
  • Create personal accountability
  • Share your talents and skills

For more information, to share your ideas, or become part of the Quantum NLP Tribe, just befriend Christiane Turner on facebook and join the facebook group CLICK HERE. See you there 🙂

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