We have created a partnership with Tina Jones

Tina Jones is taking over the organization of the NEW CONSCIOUSNESS EXPO 2018!!!

This is exciting news that’s going to help us take the EXPO to the next level. Tina Jones brings many years of business experience and leadership as well as her vivacious, fun nature and get-it-done attitude. We couldn’t be happier!!!

This year Tina was a major contributor to the success of our 12th EXPO as she played different roles in the preparation and marketing of the event. She also took over the Law of Attraction Club in March and has added a website and is making other improvements that will make it easier to stay in touch for the local Law of Attraction community.

Those are a lot of changes, that are designed to serve our local tribe even better. Our heartfelt Thank You to Tina for stepping up to the plate, and for taking leadership in the Quantum NLP tribe. We are deeply grateful to her for the contribution she has already made, and are excited about the future development.

Make sure to stay in touch with our the New Consciousness and Law of Attraction Community to help you on your journey. 

Thank you so much, and be well,


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