What are Your Global Concerns?

When we become masterful in our own lives, we have so much more to give to the larger system – our community, our country and the whole world. That leads to you, dear reader, as I am inviting you to explore what you are concerned about. Which are the areas you are worried about and hope that solutions will be found? Is it perhaps the safety and education of your children, the health care system, the housing market or our economy? Is it the pollution of our oceans, AIDS, war, weather patterns, or global warming? Any of them? All of them?

Essentially, every person I speak with has a certain degree of concern about one or more of the facets of society listed above. Right now, you might even want to make a list of concerns you have about issues facing the world. Which ones are most important to you? Which ones touch you the most? Look at your paper or just check the list in your head and observe where you would like to see major improvement. What kind of positive, solution-oriented epidemic would you like to start I have a friend who heads a fundraiser every Christmas for single moms. And you remember my friend, Holly, who saves animals and finds homes for them? I also know a man who started an organization that sends used computers to communities in Africa.

There are so many ways to help and contribute. You are raising the energetic vibration of the whole planet, regardless of whether you help single moms, animals or people in other countries. In the end, you are sharing your energy; you encourage and support others. That’s the most beautiful gift you can give to the world.

What kind of ideas are you getting? Excellent.

Excerpt from Personal to Global Transformation

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