What Quantum NLP Can Do For Your Life…

Enjoy this wonderful e-mail from one of our dear students:

“Greetings! I just wanted you to know how much I have learned and benefited from the QNLP courses this year. I decided I would no longer just dabble, that it was finally time to jump head-first into the water, so to speak. In so doing, I have immersed myself in the QNLP classes and community. I am now in the Master Practitioner training and am more passionate than ever before!!

“I feel like I am on a “natural high” all the time –and I realize more than ever how our thoughts and language do indeed affect our everyday life and experiences!! With the tools I am being taught I am then able to affect the important people in my life by practicing the techniques and processes with them. For instance, my 26 year old son is becoming an incredible manifester. He lives in L.A. and often calls me to get more encouragement and tips on how to create prosperity and live more brilliantly, as is our birthright. It is exciting to watch him take it all on…he got a part in a movie, is currently on tour with a new band and next month he is heading for New York with all expenses paid!! Each and everyday he lives his dreams and is excited for life ahead. I couldn’t be more proud and happy for him. I know that by watching me and all that I am incorporating in my life, he is open and willing to learn all he can too. It feels good to set this kind of example for him. Most importantly, he is going through life more consciously, just like his mother.

“My life has changed in many important ways. Not only did I manifest a new job in the spiritual community that I love, but I finally found the tools I needed to help me face important career and life changes more fearlessly. I set the intention that 2012 would be my YES year and here I am!! I said yes to taking the QNLP training and couldn’t be more happy. I now have the “language” and structure in place that can propel me beyond my current limitations and beliefs that have kept me stuck in the past. Life is really transforming and moving forward like never before.

“Christiane–I am so very grateful for your work and the opportunity to be learning from you. I have enjoyed just being in your midst. You are an incredible, gifted and hypnotic teacher who really knows her stuff!!! It is clear you walk-your-talk and persevere. You represent a true leader in our community who has exceptional integrity, intelligence,wisdom and compassion for others. I appreciate the amazing woman you are!! You will always represent an important role model and mentor in my life. I look forward to working with you and for you in the many years to come. Thank-you so much for everything you are and everything you do!!!”

With love and blessings,


Note by Christiane:   It warms my heart to hear stories like this, and I am deeply grateful that you allow me to share my students’ testimonials.  Thank you.
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