You Are Making a Difference in the World!

“You can have six billion people in the dark and a few million of them light a match and everybody can see. You understand? Then when everybody can
candlelight_photography_tips-300x240see, they won’t allow things to continue as they are…

“You may not realize the part you played in it, but you did it. I’ll tell you, some of you are awakening right now and saying, “Well, what can I do more than what I’ve done?”

“I’ll tell you: Relax. Breathe. Light your match. Don’t get caught up in “what’s next” or “how much” or “how hard” or “am I doing it right”. I’ll tell you, just hold your match and let God love you.

“That’s all you have to do and these things will be added unto you and you will be put into synchronistic places. You’ll be shown the passion for where you should be.

“You’ll move from place to place. You’ll be in the right place at the right time. That’s all there is. It’s not about grandness or greatness or doing or being. It’s just about accepting the love of God in your life and moving from place to place without guilt that you’re not doing enough.

“Don’t be hard on yourselves. Just be in light….That’s what you do, dear Lightworker. Do you understand?”

~ Kryon

A very happy new year to you, and may your dreams come true with ease and joy! I love Kryons message and think it’s a great theme for 2013.

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