New Consciousness Expo


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Saturday, April 16th,

2016 10.00 am – 5.00 pm

SouthTowne EXPO Center in Sandy

9575 S. State Street,

Sandy, UT 84070


We raise the consciousness in our community by bringing together people
and organizations who share their services and products with the public.
Something for everybody!
Consciousness raising products and services from A to Z.



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Learn from the exhibitors as they share their passion for transformation with you.
Experience fascinating healing and transformation tools and resources.

Vendors 2014


Betty Pegues
Psychic Intuitive, offering 20 minute Intuitive, Tarot & Oracle Card readings.
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Business Phone: 801-815-0588
Website Address:

Lisa Bullock
Intuitive, Psychic Medium, offering 20 minute Intuitive & Medium Readings.
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Business Phone: 801-404-3303
A Taste of SoulWorks with Psychic Betty Pegues and Lisa Bullock; offering 20 minute intuitive, medium, tarot and oracle card readings.

Rita Pire
Utah Satsang Society Inc., A Chartered Affiliate of Eckankar
Website Address:
The teachings of ECK will awaken the knowledge & love for the divine things that are already in your heart.

Kaliah Victoria Dortzbach
Live Your Brilliance LLC
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Access Consciousness The Bars® body process
What if I told you there is a simple body process that can change whatever is not working for you?
All that is required is for you to lie down and receive The Bars®, a gentle hands on body process.
At the least, you will be relaxed and refreshed. At best, your whole life will change.

Christiane Turner
Quantum NLP
Business Phone: 801-979-4799
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Creators and Organizers of the New Consciousness EXPO for the last 11 years.
High integrity training, coaching and consulting based on the principles of the Law of Attraction.
Global thought leaders in Quantum NLP, always at the threshold of the consciousness movement.

Holly Draper
Purify Skin Therapy
Business Phone: 801-810-8551
Cell Phone: 801-885-1372
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
USDA Certified Organic & Wildcrafted Essential Oils
Purify Skin Therapy offers superior quality USDA certified organic & wildcrafted essential oils and essential oil accessories.

Ingrid Maria Golon/Lady Luna
Lady Luna and Shuvano Michael
Cell Phone: 801-869-0577 Lady Luna
801-864-7870 Shuvano Michael
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Protected by PHPEnkoder
Spiritual and intuitive readings that include Tarot, Palmistry, Pendulum.
Energy readings and healing, Beautiful pendulums and olive tree beads malas for sale
Spiritual and intuitive readings that include Tarot, Palmistry and Pendulum

Shelly Liedtke
Cosmic Shaman LLC
Business Phone: 801-688-8564
Cell Phone: 801-688-8564
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Human Design Sun Sign Synopsis Sheet Printout – Order Early and Pick Up at the Booth by going to
The Human Design System is “Astrology on Steroids!” Get your Sun Sign Synopsis Sheet Printout and Begin to Transform Your Life Through The Healing Power of Your Love!
· Be Healthier · Feel Happier · Shine Brighter · Live In Harmony

Rev. Heron
The Church of the Sacred Circle
Business Phone: 801-330-6666
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Non-denominational Earth-based Spirituality. Tarot, Oracle & other readings
Offering readings with Tarot and Astrological birth charts

Stacey Martin
The White Butterfly Desire Minton and Stacey Martin Intuitive Healing/Reading team
Business Phone: 801-917-4863
Cell Phone: 801-917-4863
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Intuitive council services: such as past life reading, future readings, Medium insight with passed on loved ones, Gifts from your spirit guides. Crystal Healing Hand Sessions services: such as Chakra balancing, Heart healings, Removal of negative energy and replacing positive life-force energy.

Penny Vandermolen
Incandescent Wisdom and Water Phoenix Creations
Business Phone: 801-842-2903
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Etheric sacred geometry intention grids, and intuitive oracle card readings.We believe in improving the lives of those around us by sharing our talents.
I work with people who want to experience self-love and clarity, and those who want profound change and transformation in their lives.

Janet Wall
Sacred Energy Empowerment Center
Business Phone: 801-696-9203
Cell Phone: 801-696-9203
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Services: Shamanic sessions and healing, Sound Healing sessions, Angel and Tarot readings, Chakra clearing, Cord Removal, Personal energy clearing, House energy clearing, Group card readings, Group Shamanic Sessions.
Our mission is to provide high-quality, rejuvenating products and services to our community; that offer spiritual awareness, growth, and transformation. Within this peaceful respite, clients can enjoy a variety of alternative, holistic, and spiritual interpretations and modalities, all within an unbiased and loving environment.

Heidi St Rogers
Family Constellations
Business Phone: 775-771-8740
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Heidi St. Rogers – Family Constellations
Family Constellations is a process to heal and resolve inherited intergenerational patterns and trauma in the family system.

Anna Sierra – Recipient of this years “Conscious Community Award”
Infinite Possibilities Higher Consciousness Events
Business Phone: 801-6980402
Cell Phone: 801-698-0402
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Infinite Possibilities Higher Consciousness Events
We offer Expos, Festivals, Events, Classes, Workshops, Speakers, Artists, Readings, Healings, and Teachings.

Claudia Maeck
Earth’s Soaps
Business Phone: 705-677-4727
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Simple is Better. Natural is Best. Feel the difference in your skin.
100% all natural soaps and skin care products, such as soaps, balms, salves, deodorant, massage oils, eczema care, baby care, bug repellent line and so on.

Angela Gifford
The Transformation Station
1111 E. Brickyard Rd. # 109, Salt Lake City, UT 84106
Business Phone: 801-550-2953
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Angela is a Sponsor.

Mike Duncombe
Sun Spirit Gems
Business Phone: 801-217-3347
Cell Phone: Melanie 801-628-6424 or Mike 801-514-1232
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
We have a wide variety of handmade Jewelry, Metaphysical Items, Crystals and Spheres. Melanie is a Reiki master and Jewelry artist. As she is designing and building she infuses everything with Reiki energy and releases it to you.
Everything is made with love and good intentions so your treasures can serve your needs without negative energy.

Miss Lee Perry
Elemental Inspirations with Readings by Clove & Leanora “Lee”
Business Phone: 801-433-2279
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Pagan, Metaphysical & Spiritual Gift & Supply Store.
Offering Psychic & Intuitive Readings, Classes & Free meet-ups.
Join us today at the New Conscious Expo for Psychic Readings with Clove & Leanora “Lee”

Brinlie Warden
Vibe Bottle – Zo Peacemaker & Brinlie Warden
Business Phone: 805-452-0962
Cell Phone: Same as above
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Vibe Bottle- Sacred Water Vessels
Positive Affirmations and Sacred Geometry printed directly on 64 oz. & 16 oz. glass bottles and jars to empower your water.

Vickie Parker
Vickie Parker Psychic
Business Phone: 801 560-3761
Cell Phone: Same as above
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Psychic Readings with Vickie Parker.
I see and read the past, present and the future to assist others in making correct choices and decisions in their lives.

Ashlee Peterson
Free-Spirited Faith- Ashlee Peterson
Business Phone: 435-535-1243
Cell Phone: 801-836-4176
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Passion Quests-Women’s Adventure Healing Retreats, Divine Daughters group mentoring, and individual Healing from Heartbreak coaching and Passion Quest mentoring.
I am an author, speaker, and mentor; I provide transformational “Divine Daughters” group mentoring to heal and align the Chakras and reignite passion, and I lead Women’s “Passion Quest Retreats” to exotic Bali, Maui and Guatemala.

Majna Plesko
Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy Center
Business Phone: 801-349-2639
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Unique meditation healing tools that apply the principles of energetic vibrational medicine — to awaken the Soul and heal the personality.
Healing & meditation sessions: $10 for 15 minutes. Free demo of our healing tools.

Wendy Kern
Sophia Jaxon Creations Jewelry
Business Phone: 805-208-2700
Cell Phone: 805-208-2700
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Crystal Gemstone Jewelry
Original One of a Kind Artisan Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry.

Becca Puffpuff
Protected by PHPEnkoder
Sacred tools for energetic integrity in your sacred space.
I also have a crystal harp, I do energetic rebalancing for folks.
I empower people to do their own energetic maintenance with ease, and I assist people with realigning their energy to a state of peace and clarity.

Craig Salazar
Craig Salazar – The Spiritual Intuitive
Business Phone: 801-628-5636
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Intuitive Healing Sessions
I work with people seeking guidance, peace, and spiritual enlightenment. The person searching for answers, ready for the Evolution of their life……Energy is Love!

Sarah Hanisko
It Works Independent Distributor
Business Phone: 801-425-2722
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Sarah Hanisko, Independent Distributor for It Works Global
Health and Wellness Products designed to help you live a better life.

Bonnie Elizabeth
Center for Awakening
YouTube: spontaneous Grace
Grace Yoga, Grace Diaries, Center for Awakening Campout and charitable projects, homeless youth dinners

Kellie Adams
Paradise Farm Herbal Apothecary
Cell Phone: 801-668-4977
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Herbal products and Herbal Wellness Coaching
We carry herbal body & baby care products, teas, tinctures, and herbal medicine making supplies.

Marilyn Sorensen
Protected by PHPEnkoder
Protected by PHPEnkoder
Business Phone: 801-285-9355
Cell Phone: 801-244-4913
Gifted Healer, Sacred Money
Discover How to Align Your Spiritual and Financial Success, and Break Free of Fear, Confusion and Self-Sabotage with Money!

Tiffani Fries
Genesis Chiropractic and Wellness
Home Phone: 801-676-0243
Business Phone: 801-676-0243
We are a health and wellness which will provide complimentary massage and or bone density at the expo.

Holly Stokes
The Brain Trainer
1111 Brickyard Rd. # 109
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
NLP Hypnosis Coaching for personal and professional development: weight loss, cravings, anxiety, negative thinking, self criticism, depression, etc.
You can train your brain out of fear, anxiety, self criticism, self sabotage and unhappiness. Find your confidence, motivation and focus with your brain.

Jody Uribe
Magic Hands Healing
Protected by PHPEnkoder
Reiki healing and classes, Tarot, angel and oracle card readings. Foot zoning.

Jenée Carlson
The Crystal Angel
Protected by PHPEnkoder
Crystals, jems, and jewelry
Metaphysical crystals and gifts geared toward Healers for use in their healing modalities to implement healing at even a higher vibration! Gifts of Love and Light!

Aaron Taylor
Release Serenity
Protected by PHPEnkoder
Massage, Reiki, custom wire trees, and business consulting.

Jennafer Martin
Soul’s Energy Therapy & Tarot and Pet Insights by Jennafer
Protected by PHPEnkoder and
Psychic Readings
Drop by our booth to break free from limitations through an intuitive reading and energy therapy session with Becca Dillingham, and gain insights into your pet’s thoughts, feelings and behavior from pet psychic Jennafer Martin (bring a photo of your pet for the reading).

Jamie Samulenok
Subconscious Locksmith
Protected by PHPEnkoder
Jamie Samulenok – Subconscious Locksmith Tarot
Jamie Samulenok is a Quantum NLP Master Practitioner, a 3rd Generation Tarot Reader with more than 30 years of experience, and the presenter of the New Consciousness Expo Colorado

Joyce Raymundo
Plexus Worldwide
Protected by PHPEnkoder
Plexus is a nutritional supplement that heals the body from the inside out by addressing three main components of healing: 1) systemic inflammation, 2) gut health, and 3) blood sugar stabilization.

Judith Dixon
Love, Light and Insight
Cell Phone: 801-706-2150
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Mini Reiki Sessions, Tarot Readings, Channeling, or Chakra tune up
Reiki, Tarot / Angel Tarot readings, and chakra alignments are offered at my booth plus we will have some cool items for sale and a giveaway.

Kathleen Watts
Thought Continuum
Business Phone: 801-675-9039
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Book signing: Catch me if you can … a story of alien abduction and culprit plunder .. .(local encounter in Riverdale, Utah)
A page turning account of two distinctly different extraterrestrial life forms as they encounter and abduct a scruffy culprit girl whose capacity for distraction and hoodwink begin to rival their own and is about to become their undoing …

Pam Ricketts
709 Photography and Design
Cell phone: 801-430-1345
Original photography, wire trees, dream catchers, flower crowns, handmade jewerly including tree of life necklaces and wire wrapped stones
I personally handcraft each piece I offer and the photographs I offer are works that have called to me – telling me to pause and capture that moment.

Lynn Gordon
Family & Personal Wellness
Cell Phone: 307-751-2363
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Providing personal change, growth and empowerment through Quantum NLP
“Change your life in just a few minutes with a Quantum NLP experience”

Jenny Evans
Heart Centered Healing
Reiki and Energy Therapy by Reiki Master Jenny Evans
Business Phone: 801-510-2773
Cell Phone: 801-510-2773
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Reiki and Energy Therapy, Reiki Classes, Meditation and Abundance Classes. Experience the bliss of liberation as Reiki energy comes in and bathes the spirit with healing light.

Malanie Hamilton
Minnies Findings – Melanie Hamilton
Business Phone: 801-599-7755
Cell Phone: 801-599-7755
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address: (in progress, coming summer 2016!)
Instagram: #minniesfindings Facebook: Minnies Findings
Jewelry and Findings with meaning! All handmade locally. Zodiac signs, symbols, gemstones that go with your zodiac sign. Findings and coins from other countries, all with incredible meanings. All jewelry made with top quality products, unique, trendy, meaningful and prices starting at $5.00

Coach Tina Jones with Transformative communication
Business Phone: 801.989.3122
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Coach Tina Jones
Tina Jones is a certified coach and NLP practitioner whose focus is on helping people create full happy relationships free of expectations. She teaches and uses in her own life Transformative Communication skills which center on a way of communicating that is solution focused, personally empowering, removes the drama of story, and emotionally healing.

Bathesda Waters/Soulful Healing
Cell Phone: 801-735-8863
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Bathesda Waters/Soulful Healing – Sound Healing/foot zoning/ healing spa bath experience
Bathesda provides a unique healing experience in your own bath.

Diane’s Travel Treasures
Diane Cunningham
Business Phone: 801-558-2882
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Unique and Exotic Jewelry from around the world. I have just returned from a 6 week trip to Mexico and found some beautiful silver pieces that I know you will LOVE to add to my collection of beautiful , exotic pieces from Peru, Europe and other countries from around the world. Come visit my booth to hear the stories behind the pieces.

The Oracle’s Eye Makenzie Taylor
Business Phone: 385-831-8078
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Collaboration between Voodian Designs and Ruffles & Rox
Oracle Healers, we adorn you with ritualistic jewelry, natural plant remedies and soul charging.
Come visit The Oracle’s Eye and peer into your own soul’s longings.

Living Light Institute of Energy Healing Arts, Laurie Nielsen
With over 20 different class offerings ranging from crystal & energy healing to meditation and other metaphysical topics, Laurie Nielsen of has been teaching in the Salt Lake Valley since 2010. A selection of crystals, crystal jewelry and crystal skulls will be available for sale as well as information on courses offered and the Crystal Healer Certification program.
Education, certification & classes on crystal energy, crystal healing, meditation and other self awareness and energy related topics since 2010
Laurie Nielsen – Master of Crystology –

Inspirations for Inner Peace
Ernie & Denise Mondragon
Artistic Wire Wrapping & Angel Card Readings
Professional & Artistic Wire Wrapping. Custom handmade wire
wrap gemstone jewelry, trees, wands, flowers and more.

Liquid BioCell
Kayleen Fuller, Ph.D. and Lori Shaeffer
Business Phone: 801-652-2720
Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder
Website Address:
Liquid BioCell is the #1 nutraceutical in the world for healthy aging, active joints and younger-looking skin.