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Thank you for an amazing NEW CONSCIOUSNESS EXPO 2014

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We are already planning our big 10 year anniversary for 2015


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 Our goals:

To raise consciousness in our local community – To set an encouraging example for the world

11:00 am – 4:00 pm
9750 South 300 West, Sandy, Utah
Celebrate this years “New Consciousness Community Award” recipients
11.00 am
Enjoy the Keynote by Jeannette Maw, Founder of the Good Vibe University -
Activating Your Superpower – Putting Your Creative Powers to Better Use
11.15 am – 11.45 am
Jeannette Maw
Visit the exhibitors to see the many ways consciousness can be raised
11.00 am – 4.00 pm
Learn from the presenters as they share exciting modalities and tools
12.00 pm – 3.45 pm
Stop by for a couple of hours or spend the whole day with us :)
starting on the hour between 12.00 and 3.00 pm

Gary Acevedo 12.00 – 12.45 pm Magical Realms of the Sacred Self

Gary will share several miraculous experiences and have the audience share with each other some of their stories. He will teach the group an exciting new way of doing “Soul Readings.” This is the Greatest Key to Influence! How to Have Spirit Speak Through You – (Speaking with Full Intent). It is when you hold a vision & speak with full intent that spirit speaks through you. When spirit speaks through you what speaks through you will move mountains, heal and lift others, ignite the gift you are, leverage your influence, manifest your dreams, and bring your song to the world. It is only when you speak with full intention that your soul truly progresses. Only when you speak as if you mean it, without insult or putting up with, only when you speak with full intent that they get it, that you truly get it, and you make real movement. Learn the 5 Steps to Having Spirit Speak Through You. Absolute Zero: Is the point of most direct contact with Spirit. It is the absence of any “trying.”

Elena Radford 12.00 – 12.45 pm The Principles of Inca Shamanism

Enjoy the Ancient knowledge by Balancing your Sacred Space and create what you want

Eric Tolman 12.00 – 12.45 pm Playing GAMES with Purpose

“Playing GAMES with Purpose” was written to assist you in finding your Purpose here on this planet. Each chapter contains exercises and processes to evoke thought and action moving from desire to fulfillment and from motivation to inspiration to achieve your life’s Purpose. Let the GAMES begin!

M. Bridget Cook 1.00 – 1.45 pm Transforming the Stories We Tell Ourselves to Create Miracles!

An internationally sought-after speaker and activist, Bridget wows audiences on the subjects of transformation, conscious business, and how to leave the footprints of an inspired legacy.

Isis Iyata 1.00 – 1.45 pm Reiki De-Mystified

This is an introduction to Reiki Energy Work. Discussion will include interactive energy play; history; reason for Attunement Certifications; what makes Reiki different from other modalities; and combining Reiki with other modalities. There will be a Q&A period.

Bonnie Elizabeth 1.00 – 1.45 pm The Stained Glass Window… A Talk About You.

Bonnie Elizabeth is an Ordained Minister, yoga instructor, LMT, Reiki Master, Theta practitioner, rebirther, Shaman, author, speaker, and coach.

Angella Johnson 2.00 – 2.45 pm Soul-Inspired Living: Create More Money, Joy, Purpose and Freedom!

In this content-rich presentation, you will discover: The surprising way we deny our divinity and how to release it so you become a vibrational match for your true desires. The one question that will change everything in your life for the better. The key to Spiritual Override vs Spiritual Enlightenment – the fine line between the two is the path to manifest your big dreams. The final layer of your healing so you stop repeating your history.
Simple tools to connect to your intuition, create easy healing and breakthroughs AND be in the “right place at the right time” every time.
Bonus: You’ll get Angella’s SOUL Money Quiz so you can overcome your abundance blocks and receive more of what you truly want!

Diane Cunningham 2.00 – 2.45 pm Raise your Vibrations for Financial Freedom

I am Diane Cunningham, Creator & Founder of As an Attraction Marketing Strategist and Certified Ideal Life Vision Coach, I will pull back the curtain and share with you my 5 Secret tools and strategies that I use with my clients to become visible, have their messages heard and increase their vibration to attract financial prosperity. This will be a fun, interactive, and experiential session. You will come away with valuable tools that you can integrate into your life and business immediately.

LaVonne Wells 2.00 – 2.45 pm Grieve2Honor

My name is LaVonne Wells, I inspire, teach, and support moms and dads who’ve experienced the death of a child by simply sharing my story. It was devastating watching my daughter Kiva Daysha Wells take her final breath in my arms. The grief process for me was challenging and very painful. In my darkest hour I found myself worrying about other moms and dads, I wondered about their pain and what tools they were using to deal with it. I wanted to know if they had a support system and if they remembered to take care of themselves. Grieve2Honor was created to assist moms and dads through this painful experience.

Holistic Heidi 3.00 – 3.45 pm Power Up Your Health

Learn a simple repeatable system that creates a RUSH of abundant energy. No Magic Pills – THIS IS practical Holistic Health

This Powerful 45 minute program will show you: The Surprizing TRUTHS about Low Energy! The 3 FASTEST ways to get Powered Up – even if you don’t have enough Energy! The simpliest way to get healthy in 1 month! How to Live Long with Powered UP energy! COMMON Side Effects for LIVING Powered UP: Living Happy, Healthy, & Sexy! An Organized Home, Car, & LIFE, More Money, Clear Focused Mind, Phenomenal Relationships, Vaporizing Diseases & Deamons In Your HEAD

Troy Marsh and Shari Philpott-Marsh 3.00 – 3.45 pm Healing the Healer: A Shamanic Experience

Many hands-on healers are exhausted at the end of the day from “picking up their clients’ energies.” If you sometimes feel overwhelmed, disconnected from center or pushed and pulled by external forces, this is for you! This highly experiential mini-workshop provides you with tools to stop leaking energy and feel more sovereign in your own body. Maintaining your magnetic center protects you from intrusive energies and boosts your vitality and intuition.

Victoria Dortzbach 3.00 – 3.45 pm 5 Tools to Create Your Joy-Filled Life

When did you decide you couldn’t have the joy that was so natural to you as a child? How would your life be different if you could access the joy of living? During this hour we will be utilizing basic tools of Access Consciousness, so you can  access the joy that is your birthright. Will you come join me? I wonder what can change for you? All of life comes to us with ease, joy, & glory!



The Crystal

Laurie Nielsen

Crystal healing and crystal energy education is the name of the game! Laurie is well known in the valley for teachings on crystal energy healing, crystal skulls and other metaphysical and self-realization topics.

On hand will be various crystals, stones, jewelry and other educational products related to her new crystal healing academy and on becoming certified as a crystal energy healer.

Business Phone:    801-688-9629

Cell Phone:             801-688-9629

Email Address:      Protected by PHPEnkoder

Website Address:


Blossoms For Energy

Madison Frederick

Reiki Master/Teacher

Certified in Feng Shui

Reiki and Feng Shui blend perfectly. Having balance from within through Reiki and balance in your living space through Feng Shui, brings harmony into your life

Business Phone:  443-223-6997

Cell Phone:           443-223-6997

Email Address:Protected by PHPEnkoder

Website Address:



Kristin Robertson

Uplifting and intuitive jewelry and herbal bath products.  Krystalins has a wide variety of jewelry including beading, wire wrapping, and wire sculpting.

At Krystalin’s you will find a variety of jewelry and bath products. Owned by Kristin Robertson who does energy healing and is a Reiki Master.  She has been making jewelry for over 26 years. Following her passions she has a love for crystals and quality gemstones. Everything she create is done in direct connection to the divine and imbued with all of the Reiki symbols and divine energy she carries.  They are always created for the highest good in a nurturing and loving intentions. If you can’t find what you are looking for she does create custom intuitive jewelry orders to fill your desire. So stop by and she what she has to offer.

Phone:  801-888-7075

Email Address: Protected by PHPEnkoder

Website Address:


Inner Chi Healing

Alice Christensen

Energy Healing (Theta – Hypnosis – Reiki – Iridology)

Inner Chi Healing assists with personal growth, emotional and physical healing.  Using a combination

of ancient and modern modalities.  Focusing on you as an individual, in your journey to wellness and

balance in your life.  Inner Chi offers personal one on one sessions, trainings, retreats, and a weekly Share Group, where you can be supported and celebrated through your healing or growth.

We look forward to sharing with you!

Business Phone:  435-224-2195

Cell Phone:            435-224-2195

Email Address:      Protected by PHPEnkoder

Website Address:


Vickie Parker   

Psychic Readings and Energy Healings

Vickie Parker.  A gifted Psychic Clairvoyant and Energy Healer. Providing insights, clarity and guidance on any reading topic.  Member of Best Psychics and Best American Psychics.

Get a Psychic reading on specific questions or issues you would like communication on.  Get the answers you’re seeking in your life.  Relationships.  Jobs.  Next steps.  Or anything you are seeking answers on.  Get a healing and remove old and unwanted energy out of your life.  Live the life you desire.

Business Phone:   801-560-3761

Cell Phone:           801-560-3761

Email Address:   Protected by PHPEnkoder

Windswept Center

Spring Pines Office Complex

835 East 4800 South, Suite 220

Murray, UT84107


Shelly Liedtke

Cosmic Shaman LLC

Human Design Mentor & Health Intuitive

Certified Quantum Touch Instructor & Practitioner

A Taste of Human Design — It’s Where You Sparkle & Shine!

Introduce YourSelf to the AWE-Someness  that You ARE!

Find Out About Your Own Very Particular Way that You Radiate Your Energy Out In to The Big Wide World!

Learn Your Very Own Unique Way of Making Clear, Confident Choices on a Consistent Basis in Your Life!

~ In order to draw up and print out your very own unique & personal Human Design Chart, you will need:

.…(1) Your Birth Date,

.…(2) Your Birth Place, and

….(3) Your Birth Time (or nearest possible time – we’ll use noon if you’re unsure, so no worries)

~ We’ll print it out right there and you get to take it home with you!

~ There will be other goodies at my booth, too (I’m very positive there will be Faerie Stuff, so dew drop by, ‘cuz it’s part of the magical experience of BE-ing!)  See you there! ♥

Business Phone:  801-688-8564

Cell Phone:          801-688-8564

Email Address:   Protected by PHPEnkoder

Website Address:


Design Wisdom School of Feng Shui

Tina Falk, BFA-VC, CFSP

Owner, Teacher, Mentor

Feng Shui and Metaphysical Arts Practitioner Certification Training and Mentorship Program

Design Wisdom School of Feng Shui is the only certification training school in Utah, meeting Gold Member standards of the International Feng Shui Guild. Design Wisdom School offers an intensive Feng Shui and Metaphysical Arts Practitioner Training Program for those who wish to certify as a professional Feng Shui consultant, as well as one-to-one mentoring. Unlike mass-produced handbooks, cookie-cutter internet programs or over-crowded classrooms, Design Wisdom Schools programs are formally structured, yet flexible enough to allow each student to guide his or her own course. We also offer an incredible experience for those who wish to explore the multi-faceted aspects of feng shui, without the certification. Stop by our booth to meet Tina and to sign up for a Free 4 Pillar Profile (Chinese Astrology chart) reading.

Phone:                   801-573-1163

Email Address:      Protected by PHPEnkoder

Website Address:


Donna’s Aura Painting

See your Aura in water color. Our Aura is not one color, it ebbs and flows to reflect the energy around us. Donna will study your aura and replicate it to the best of her ability in water color. She can tell you how the color feels and if there is any information in your energy.


The New Shaman:  Wisdom and Healing for a Changing World

Troy Marsh & Shari Philpott-Marsh

At times when you feel disconnected, foggy or stuck … or if you are just ready to make a QUANTUM LEAP to a new level of intuition, insight and wholeness … SHAMANIC HEALING clears away obstacles at their root — in the metaphysical realms.  You regain CLARITY and CONNECTION with the LIGHT of your Divine Nature, Vitality and Power.  If you are already a healer, our NEW SHAMAN training course takes your skills to a new level so you amaze your clients.  Stop by our booth for a mini-clearing and information about our programs.

Individual Healing for anxiety, mental fog, feeling stuck, Soul Retrieval, Core Emotional Clearing, Psychic amplification and spiritual guidance attunement, Deprogramming and release of interference from other realms, Training in the shamanic arts, Workshops and Retreats.

Troy Marsh and Shari Philpott-Marsh are master healer/teachers, each with more than 20 years of experience in the healing arts. They create a dynamic and transformative learning environment for students. Troy and Shari are practitioners of Contemporary Shamanism, Seiki Jutsu and Kunlun Nei Gung. Their expertise incorporates Shaking Medicine of the Kalahari Bushmen, High Egyptian Alchemy, Reiki, Law of Attraction, Yoga, Energy Medicine, Vajrayana Buddhism and Tibetan Bön Shamanism.

Troy and Shari are the founders of the New Shaman training course for spiritual warriors and healers. They live in Grantsville, Utah, on 40 peaceful acres of mule deer and junipers. (

Business Phone:      801-599-8222

Email Address:         Protected by PHPEnkoder

Website Address:


Utah Satsang Society

A Chartered Affiliate of ECKANKAR

Sue Smith

ECKANKAR teaches that each individual is Soul, a spark of God.  It teaches that each of us is connected to God through Divine Spirit (the ECK), which can be heard as Sound and seen as Light.  The Spiritual Exercises of ECK are built on these two divine aspects of the Holy Spirit. Through them you learn that as Soul, you are eternal.

“Learning spiritual consciousness is learning how to live in this world no matter what comes.  We learn through these spiritual exercises how to live life graciously, from childhood to old age.  We learn to live life in the best way possible.” – Harold Klemp, Spiritual Experiences Guidebook

Phone:  801.662.8342

Email:  Protected by PHPEnkoder



Nephthys Baby

Jamie Samulenok

Clothes for kids and babies emblazoned with myth and magic

Nephthys Baby clads kids with mythology themed t-shirts and onesies to inspire. Our custom designs are the epitome of style with archetypes reimagined to empower new humans.

Business Phone:   719-360-5231

Email Address:      Protected by PHPEnkoder

Website Address:


Tarot Reading

Jamie Samulenok

Jamie Samulenok is a third generation Tarot Reader from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Using a uniquely effective card layout to give incredible insight, her 30 years of reading experience will help you unlock your purpose and understand what is standing in the way of everything you want in your life.

Business Phone: 719-360-5231

Email Address:   Protected by PHPEnkoder


Tattwic Tides Gathering

Tattwic Tides Gatherings is a Spiritual Share group.  We Share tools for vibrational growth while riding the tides of our ever shifting Life. We have a different subject each week to explore!

We meet every Monday night at 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm at:

The Safety Consortium Building, 400 W. Lawndale Dr. (2500 S.)  Potluck and Love donation

Hosts:  Laurie Robinson and Marty Cooke


Leesa Myers, Relationship Specialist

Inspired To Greatness Book,  Relationship Quiz,  Free Relationship Building Report

Success through better relationships in business and home.

Leesa helps you gain clarity and take action to create solid healthy happy relationships.

Business Phone:  801-824-0774

Email Address:      Protected by PHPEnkoder

Website Address:        http://PositiveMindset.TV


Pet Psychic Jennafer Martin

Jennafer Martin is an experienced intuitive who interprets animals’ moods, motives and messages to help you better relate to your companion animal. Although she enjoys interacting with and reading animals in their “home turf” environments, she is able do readings remotely, connecting to the animal’s energy with his or her name, age, breed and amount of time he or she has been with you. Seeing a photo is a bonus! Bring a photo of your pet to the expo and get a sample reading from Jennafer. Or sign up for a longer reading in your home or to host her services at your next party or event.

Business & Cell Phone:  801-810-4392

Email Address:               Protected by PHPEnkoder

Website Address:


Incan Shamanic Balancing and Courses

Elena Radford

Enjoy the Ancient knowledge by Balancing your Sacred Space and create what you want

Business Phone:  Elena Radford

Cell Phone:           435-901-9986

Email Address:     Protected by PHPEnkoder

Website Address:


The Conscious Cook   

by Beverly Hill

The Conscious Cook – Fresh delicious vegetarian & raw food prepared mindfully with loving thoughts.

Business Phone:    801-556-7205

Email Address:       Protected by PHPEnkoder

The Conscious Cook

833 N. 1500 W.

Salt Lake City, UT 84116


Institute of Conscious Living L3C 

Energy Psychology, Applied Healing, Reiki, Meditation

The Institute of Conscious Living offers educational programs, seminars, services and products designed to heal transform and empower individuals and organizations.  Our students learn powerful tools and techniques and gain a knowledge base of modern and ancient wisdom teachings that enables them to heal emotional wounds, restore balance, create joy and navigate their lives to their highest potential.

Business Phone:    801-662-0409

Email Address:       Protected by PHPEnkoder

Website Address:



Alternative health solutions and self-care. Come See, Smell and Taste Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. Let us teach you how to use and apply oils safely and effectively for the best results. Free bio-communication health scans with the Compass by ZYTO will be offered to the first 20 booth visitors.

Business Phone:  801-791-3111

Email Address:     Protected by PHPEnkoder

Website Address:  Protected by PHPEnkoder


Living Your Greatness

Certified Health and Wellness Consultant, partnering with USANA Health Sciences 

It is my desire and commitment to support and empower others on their own personal journey of creating an abundance of HEALTH in Body, Mind, Spirit and Lifestyle…. to include those looking to make a shift in their personal finances.   There are options to create health and abundance in all areas.  I have a deeply personal passion to be of service to those looking to make this change.  I have seen such a shift in my own life at so many levels as I started on this path of wellness.  It is a gift I did not even know existed.  My passion is to share that gift!

Business Phone:     801-654-7473

Cell Phone:              801-654-7473

Email Address:        Protected by PHPEnkoder

Website Address:



Handmade Olive Tree Mala

This Mala is handmade, knotted after each bead. Large Mala has 109 or 33 olive tree beads, a Guru bead and semi tassel. A Prayer Mala is a set of beads commonly used for keeping count while reciting, chanting or mentally repeating a mantra or affirmation. This Olive Bead Malas are handmade Olive tree is a symbol for peace, fruitfulness, security, money, marriage, and fidelity. The central energy of the Olive Tree provides balance between the spiritual and physical aspects of life allowing a person to travel between the spiritual and physical worlds at ease. 20% of each Mala goes to buy yarn for a Scarf Project for Hopi Nation.

Business Phone:   801-869-0577

Email Address:      Protected by PHPEnkoder


Hoops O’ Funn!

Miss Jaecey Adams

Miss Jaecey Adams hand-makes and sells 11 different sizes of hula hoops and that is no joke!

From 1-90+, up to 7 1/2 months pregnant and even up to 300lbs!

Everyone CAN hula hoop!  Why Hula Hoop?  Well, it’s a fun exercise, but it’s also more… Hula hooping helps you to be in touch with your feminine side, it also promotes good self esteem, and gets your chakras spinning.  If you’d like to learn more visit Hoops O’ Funn! On Facebook @

Business Phone:    801-654-6379

Email Address:       Protected by PHPEnkoder

Website Address:,                                                                                                     


Mystic Intuitive Readings & Aura Clearings 

Clove Neville

Clove & Cathy Mystic Intuitives.

Fine tune your Chakras with Cathy or Clarify your Currents with Clove.

With either you will find Insight, Clarity, and Balance.

Through Intuitive Readings or Aura clearing, you will gain confidence in continuing on your path or

in changing your flow.  Visit Cathy & Clove to learn a few ways to live in Harmony with Mother Earth.

Business Phone:    801-915-2563

Email Address:       Protected by PHPEnkoder

Website Address:


Tyrel Wiltse,  Marketing Directory for Lightworkers!  Zo Peacemaker and Tyrel Wiltse,  Marketing Directory for Lightworkers!   Locally owned and operated by Neo-Shaman and Webmaster – Zo Peacemaker.  Zo is dedicated to offering a visually appealing, easy to use, affordable, and credible Web Directory Service for Lightworkers and Alternative Healers.  Come to the booth, get signed up, learn more about the service directly from Zo, and receive your FREE gift.  It’s only $30 to get started, and $11/ month for a Personal account, or $22/ month for Your Business account.   Business Phone:    805-452-0962  Email Address:       Protected by PHPEnkoderWebsite Address:

Business Phone:    805-452-0962

Email Address:       Protected by PHPEnkoder

Website Address:


Jewelry by Jo             

Gelene Cox

Southwest and Gemstone Jewelry.

Multiple artists, lots of different gemstones, in sterling silver.

Phone:    801-556-4343


Inspirations for Inner Peace   

Denise Mondragon                                           

Gemstone Jewelry, Angel Card & Intuitive Readings, Essential Oils,

Angel Workshops and Home Parties, and Spiritual Awakening Classes on Meditation,

Chakras, Positive Affirmations and Universal Energy Vibrations.

It is my intention to inspire you to become self-aware, self-empowered and self-loved. We offer products and services for inspirational guidance to connect your mind, body and spirit and see the divine light of love within you.  Your divine light and love is the source of everything you need to create love, peace and happiness for yourself.  The products and services we offer are: Handmade Gemstone Jewelry, Angel Card and Intuitive Readings, Angel Workshops and Home Parties, Essential Oils and Spiritual Awakening Classes on Meditation, Charkas, Positive Affirmations and Universal Energy Vibrations.

Business Phone:   801-440-1030

Email Address:   Protected by PHPEnkoder


Trophies, Inc.

Gifts and collectibles

We are offering items to enhance your spiritual strength, emotions and protection. From jewelry, crystal figurines, evil eyes, collectables and more. Be sure and stop by our booth to see the unique things we have to offer.   Business Phone:  801-596-7256 Email Address:     Protected by PHPEnkoder

Business Phone:  801-596-7256

Email Address:     Protected by PHPEnkoder


Tina Metcalf,

Abundant Soul Coach presents “Today Is Your Day!”

” Today Is Your Day!”  Inspiration Cards

Lift your spirit and lighten your day. Use the Today is Your Day cards to inspire, motivate and enlighten you throughout the day. Whether you meditate, journal or reflect on their message you are sure to feel the power and love that Tina wants to share with everyone, no matter their story.  These are the personal messages Tina used to move through her own struggles to embark on a life of beauty and grace.  Whether you give them as  a special gift to someone you care about, admire and love or if you keep them for yourself to use as the building blocks to your own goals and dreams, they are sure to be enjoyed and cherished  forever.  There are 30 delightful reflections on each card with scenic and original photos of Utah.

Business Phone:   435-503-5006 Cell Phone:           435-503-5006 Email Address:      Protected by PHPEnkoderWebsite Address:


Earthly Impressions

Terrie Atwood

I carry Crystals Fairies and Angels and other tools for your spiritual tool box   Cell Phone:        801-910-4769 Email Address:   Protected by PHPEnkoder


Quantum NLP LLC.

Creators and Presenters of the New Consciousness EXPO since 2005

High integrity NLP training, consulting and coaching

Our vision is to create a sustainable world for all life on Earth. And our mission at Quantum NLP is to help human consciousness to transform to the next level.

We focus on community building. Welcome to the Quantum Tribe.

Contact Christiane Turner, founder of Quantum NLP and owner of Quantum NLP LLC., directly at (801) 979-4799,  Protected by PHPEnkoder   Find more information about Quantum NLP and our services on

Connect with us on Facebook and follow us on




IT Works

Betty and Patrick

All Natural Vitamins, Supplements, and Skin Care  

We all are looking for all natural products that help our bodies stay healthy and clean so that we can do away with those chemicals that harm our bodies and the environment.  Look no longer as “It Works!” has done just that.  Our products are all Natural Plant Based products, designed to work with the body and promote health and wellness and while not harming our environment.  Yes our packaging is all recyclable too.  We have a variety of Vitamins, Supplements, Weight Loss, and Skin Care Products that are all natural and affordable.  If your looking for better health, to turn back the clock, and to do it all naturally, then you owe it to yourself to check out our It Works Products.

Business Phone:    435-849-2944 Cell Phone:             435-849-2944 Email Address:       Protected by PHPEnkoder          Protected by PHPEnkoderWebsite Address:  


Playing GAMES with Purpose

Eric Tolman

Books and Seminars

“Playing GAMES with Purpose” was written to assist you in finding your Purpose here on this planet. Each chapter contains exercises and processes to evoke thought and action moving from desire to fulfillment and from motivation to inspiration to achieve your life’s Purpose. Let the GAMES begin!   Business Phone:   801-326-0303 Cell Phone:            801-830-3142 Email Address:      Protected by PHPEnkoderWebsite Address:


Isis Botanicals

Isis Iyata Bond

Products and Services to Nurture Your Body ~ Calm Your Mind ~ Soothe Your Soul

Are you seeking to change your life; heal your body, mind, spirit, soul?  Iyata is passionate about facilitating her clients’ well-being and helping them transform and empower their lives.  She does this through facilitating a safe, fun & relaxing journey for their blossoming.  Her sessions are very intuitive and generally address more than the initial cause of concern. She has been a Reiki Master/Teacher for over 23 years and can cleanse, empower, and heal your energy field as well as your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies. She also uses essential oils and tuning forks for healing mind, body, spirit – and can create a scent unique to you or create a specific mood through scent.  The services she offers include Reiki Master /Teacher, AromaAlchemist, Intuitive Healer, Western Herbalist, Yoga Teacher, Shamanic Pathworker, Egyptian Cartouche.

Cell:         480-772-6577 Email:      Protected by PHPEnkoderWebsite:


Rachel Kincaid

Orgonite and Earthing/Grounding Devices

Orgonite and Earthing/Grounding Devices


Soul Vision Business

Angella Johnson

Coaching, consulting, live events, speaking, virtual trainings and products.

Leading SOULpreneurs to create money, joy & purpose with all of their gifts, including their intuition & soul purpose.  Intuitive marketing.  The only marketing formula that matters is yours.  Learn how to turn divine wisdom into easy marketing and powerful profits.

About Angella:

After being fired in 2008 Angella Johnson found herself stuck, broke and scared. She turned a $40,000 loss on her first live event in 2010 into a 6-figure profit on her next event. As a business intuitive (yep, she speaks woo), and a strategist (yep, she’s a rock star strategist too), Angella helps coaches and speakers integrate all of their gifts, including their spirituality and intuition, into a fulfilling and profitable business.

The deeper story: Most of her life Angella was told that she was too much, too fast, and too big of a dreamer. In order to fit in, she turned off her intuition and went on to experience depression and an eating disorder off and on for a decade.

Something within her would not let her give up.

When she listened to her intuition again, she realized she was building a business she that wasn’t authentic and so she changed her entire game of business. After being called “crazy” and “delusional” for walking away from money, she is now leading a movement of soulpreneurs by bridging the gap between purpose and profits, and between spirituality and strategies. Why? So women can stop hiding their gifts and authenticity and really step up as leaders who create profound transformation both personally and globally.

Connect with Angella at

Angella Johnson
6-Figure Visionary & Marketing Strategist for Soul-Inspired Entrepreneurs.
www.SoulVisionStrategies.comLet’s Connect!
Twitter: souvisionbiz

Email Address:        Protected by PHPEnkoder     Website Address:


Awakening Soul

Rini White

Intuitive Live Coach Assisting Women and Angel Card Readings & Parties.

I am an Intuitive Life Coach assisting women in removing the labels and masks that our culture has placed upon us.  I create workshops that empower women in discovering & clearing the things that have been keeping them stuck, revealing their true and divine feminine self.  The universal energy has been moving us towards gathering back into women’s circles and healing the divine feminine self.  2014 is a very powerfully energetic year and time to tap into that free spirited, intuitive, creative side to get real clear on who we are and what we can offer the world. I have been a gatherer of women for a big part of my life through my Spiritual practice of Native American Spirituality. My vast life and spiritual experiences are an integral aspect of who I am and how I encourage women to see the Goddess within and in one another. Stop by and see me and enter to win a Free Angel Card Reading!

Cell Phone:         801-455-7864 Email Address:   Protected by PHPEnkoder


Spiritual Medium

Travis Hill Psychic/Medium Readings

Mission Statement: My Life Work is to provide accurate and clear messages from spirits that have passed or Spirit Guides that can give spiritual guidance impacting your life for a new beginning. Through this process, I will send each of my client’s positive energy from the Heavens Above to inspire, and motivate change in your life for the better! Remember, I’m just the Messenger – the “straw to the other realm,” you are the evolution in your own life. Now together, let’s make the change!

Business               Phone: 801-413-7859 Cell Phone:           801-634 4150 Email Address:      Protected by PHPEnkoderWebsite Address:


Rise Leadership Group 

Through experiential seminars, retreats and one on one coaching, to provide the promise of this work.

“The promise of my work is to ignite the gift you are…

… to provide clients with the skills to embrace their self and to influence their family and others from the leverage of their highest nobility.”

We offer life skills seminars; corporate and leadership training; coaching, healer and facilitator training, all leading to the Awakening of true life mastery.

1.  Breaking through definable barriers,

2.  Translating that into everyday living

3.  …in order to promote practical, forward movement–toward specific dreams and goals.

If your passion is to influence people – to change people’s lives – my passion is to ignite your success – and turn your passion into profits!  If you are a healer, teacher, facilitator, coach, therapist, speaker, parent OR grandparent, you are my favorite clients!!!  I have over 40 years experience immersing myself in over 30 of the most powerful cutting edge transformational technologies.  I’m very good at coaching people to get out of their own way, show up, shine and be the gift they came to be.   Author of Amazon Kindle book “Awakening the Masterpiece You Are: 7 Master Keys to Ignite Your Passion, Power and Profits.”

Gary Avevedo

Since 1971 Gary’s expertise has been focused on the design and facilitating of personal effectiveness and empowerment seminars and retreats for a diverse spectrum of organizations and social service agencies. These include the World Futures Conference on Education, the 10 state Regional Conference for the Division of Rehabilitation, and being chosen by the Utah Governors Commission to design the state wide Victims Rights Conference.
He has been a trainer for Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” course and Career Track’s “Self-Discipline and Emotional Control.” In 1979, Gary created the unique family oriented personal empowerment retreat known as “The Awakening.” Grads who have seen it all say is the pinnacle of healing and empowerment.
He immersed himself in a myriad of cutting edge empowerment technologies and being recognized as a world-class trainer of trainers, he founded Rise Leadership Group; one of the most advanced training programs in the country for facilitators, coaches, speakers and healers. He is the author of the soon to be published “Focus is Leverage: 7 States to Ignite Your Passion, Power and Profits.”
Consulting client successes have included AT&T, Mass Mutual, Xerox, Einstein Bagels, a peak performance coach for Olympic Athletes of the 1992 and 2000 games, designing training for Franklin Covey and VitalSmarts (Authors of bestsellers “Crucial Conversations,” “Influencer” and recently “Change Anything” and were invited to advise Gorbachev before the fall. These clients of Gary’s are responsible for bringing over 12 million people out of poverty through micro-funding).

Business Phone:    801-414-7020

Cell Phone:            801-414-7020

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Annette Pieper-Vision 2 Reality Training

Conscious Life and Business Success Coaching and Training

Annette Pieper is an internationally known Speaker and Founder of the Success Coaching and Consulting firm Vision 2 Reality Training. She has 25 years of coaching, consulting and training experience including coaching for Loral Langemeier, The Millionaire Maker and in the Semiconductor industry.  Annette is co-author of the international bestselling book on goal setting, Step Into Your

Vision, and is creator of the Purpose to Passion to Profits Success System©.

Cell Phone:           801-230-9534

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Bonnie Elizabeth

Products:  Books, A Love Affair With a Billionaire, inspired by a true story; and

The Secrets of NI, Being Your Ecstatic Self

Bonnie Elizabeth is an Ordained Minister, yoga instructor, LMT, Reiki Master, Theta practitioner, rebirther, Shaman, author, speaker, and coach.



Diane Cunningham and Associates

Marketing Consultation and Ideal Life Vision Coaching

I am a Marketing Consultant for coaches, writers, healers and entrepreneurs. I teach individuals to take their life’s  work to the marketplace to be seen, heard, prosper by doubling their income.

I have tools and strategies to raise your vibrations for financial prosperity. Additionally, I use the Ideal Life Vision process to assist you in obtaining your Dream Life and Business.

Business Phone:   801-561 -0634

Cell Phone:           801-558 -2882

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M. Bridget Cook

New York Times Bestselling Author, Transformational Speaker, and Life Coach

Bridget’s gift is to bring light into the darkest places of humanity, and illuminating paths that awaken readers to their own magnificent journey. Her powerful work has been showcased on Oprah, CNN, Good Morning America, and in People among others.

M. Bridget Cook is the New York Times bestselling author well-known for penning riveting tales of transformation and amazing audiences worldwide. Her powerful work has been showcased on Oprah, CNN, Good Morning America, and in People among others. Years ago, a near death experience not only changed her world, it changed her vision. Now she brings light into the darkest places of humanity, and illuminates paths that awaken her audiences to their own magnificent journey.

Bridget’s new release took the world by storm in September of 2013: The Witness Wore Red, the 19th Wife Who Brought Polygamous Cult Leaders to Justice with FLDS survivor, Rebecca Musser. The book already has the publishing and reading world buzzing! Bridget is also co-author of national best-selling Shattered Silence, the Untold Story of a Serial Killer’s Daughter with Melissa G. Moore, and Skinhead Confessions: From Hate to Hope with former neo-Nazi TJ Leyden.

Bridget’s stories continue to rock readers around the world. In writing as in life, she loves to refute stereotypes. She has worked construction, ran two trucking companies and built several successful businesses. Bridget is now the CEO of Inspired Legacy, LLC, while enjoying her four amazing children and more pets than her beloved husband can handle.

An internationally sought-after speaker and activist, Bridget wows audiences on the subjects of transformation, conscious business, and how to leave the footprints of an inspired legacy.

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Holistic Heidi, LLC

You are the Healer!

FREE Gift for all attendees – Come RECEIVE your Powered Up Diagram. A PRACTICAL method to Power Up your Afternoon Energy!

Come learn exactly what you need to complete your days with vitalized vibrant, sparkly energy.

Holistic Heidi has served our community since 2007 as the most practical Holistic Healer. She

witnesses miracles in her virtual clinic daily. She guides her clients and students to experience their health MIRACLES.

Holistic Heidi is a professional Energy Kinesiologist, wife, and mother of two charming girls. She has over 5,000 hours of
professional training and has served in her clinical practice since 2007. Heidi has trained and received mentoring from the
TOP leaders in holistic health today. Serving client in her virtual clinic and teaching classes at live and virtual trainings.
She has witnessed hundreds of miracles in her practice and seminars. She mentors her clients to Heal themselves, live
POWERED UP, and live happy, healthy, & sexy style! Her philosophy is that YOU are the HEALER! With the right
guidance and resources you can and will heal yourself!

Phone:     801-809-4409



Live Your Brilliance, LLC

Soul Songs & Access Bars Body Process Classes & Sessions with Victoria Dortzbach

I sing and gift Soul Songs sessions.  This song aides you to “Know Thyself.”  Your Soul Song is unique and specific to You, The Being.  It is a piece of music with acapella vocals that can provide comfort and acknowledgement of You as a Being time and time again.  I also provide Vibrational Resonance Transmission Sessions.  Here I am able to capture the sound of a frequency to assist you in elevating your frequencies and overcome an area of your life where you may be stuck.   I perceive the energies and then sing frequencies that will provide aide to you on your path.  The song I provide uniquely aides you and assists you to have ease with whatever is occurring in your life.  I work with you in person or over Skype and use a Skype recorder to record our session.

Victoria also facilitates Access Bars sessions and classes for those interested in becoming practitioners of this unique and effective hands on body process.  CEU credits may be available.

Visit for more information.  Receive 4 prerecorded Soul Songs on mp3 as my gift to you for opting in to receive my newsletter.

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Infinite Alchemy

Julie Merwin – Access bars and body process facilitator

For anything to not be truly joyful and easy for you, you have to be shutting off your consciousness and awareness in some way. If you were 100% conscious could anything ever go “wrong”? …would you ever be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Would you ever have relationship problems? Money problems? Hate your job? Get sick? Or Get depressed?

Using the tools of Access Consciousness® I empower and facilitate people in closing the gap from where they are, to where they know they would like to be. I teach classes and do private sessions to facilitate YOU accessing YOU…the infinite being you truly BE. You know… the one without all the limitations and judgments and unconsciousness piled on top. How freeing would that be, eh? 

Location:  Salt Lake City, Utah

Phone:     801-557-7033

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website:     or find me on


Light Body Healing Center

The Healing Center provides LED Light Therapy, “Sensory Deprivation” Tank Floats, Massage, Yoga & Meditation and Dance Movement Workshops.

Light Body Healing Center provides Holistic & Alternative Modalities to people needing help with physical, emotional & spiritual issues that have them stuck feeling unworthy, unhappy or depressed. We have specialists in the field of Yoga & Meditation, Massage Therapy, LED Light Therapy, “Sensory Deprivation” Tank Floats. We also provide Dance Movement Workshops as our Clients would like to improve “Body Image.”

Business Phone:   801-921-5285

Cell Phone:           801-921-9820

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The American Society of Dowsers Utah Chapter

shared with Tell My Story

Marilyn Westenskow / Sharon Foster

10682 S. 390 East

Sandy,  Utah    84070

The American Society of Dowsers is an educational society established to promote and investigate the facets of dowsing through research and education. We are proud to bring this timeless method of connecting with our higher selves and raising our vibratory levels to Utah. Come learn and grow with us. All are welcome.  Tell My Story is a project who’s intent is to recognize that everyone has a story to tell and give them the format to do so. This is to be a published book.

Contacts:   Marilyn 801-664-2204 Dowsing

Sharon 801-750-5769 Dowsing/Tell My Story

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Green business news and Marketing for green businesses keeps you up to date on issues of sustainability, politics, renewable energy, energy saving ideas and new green products.  We also support green business marketing with leads and referrals from our call center, door to door canvas, events like Solar Day Salt Lake and internet marketing.

Alan Naumann

Business phone:  801-833-4865

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GO BAREFOOT Bare Foot Sandals & Symbolism

Intuitively Crafted by Debbie Lang Rushton

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Adorn your bare feet with an intuitively designed pair of barefoot sandals made with natural stones, metal and glass beads accompanied by a description card of symbols and meanings including stone properties, numbers, color and more.   Go barefoot with an added energy.

“And forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”

~ Khalil Gibran


Soul Vision Strategies by Angella Johnson

Intuitive business & money coaching for coaches, speakers, healers, practitioners & consultants.

You have a big purpose and it’s time to bridge that purpose with your profits. What if you could spiritually connect with your business and money in a deeper way? As an intuitive business strategist, not only do I assist you with the nuts and bolts of business but by tapping into your Akashic Records (your soul blueprint) we heal any money & confidence resistance currently in the way of manifesting what you want. Take the Soul Money quiz at:

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Detrich Hay ~ Intuitive Guide and Channel, Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Instructor

The Universe Whisperer, Detrich Hay, uses Oracle Cards and Word Stones to assist with communication from your broader perspective. He delivers powerful insights through his clairvoyant, clairaudient abilities. He will assist you with realignment into your natural frequency. First creating space through a clearing meditation for allowing and receiving your inner guidance, then bringing clarity and comfort by honoring your self created life options. Its all within assisting you from where you stand into the Harmonic Frequency of the Universe.

Business Phone:   801-610-9072

Cell Phone:            801-610-9072

Website Address:

Experience a 20 or 30 minute session with Detrich in person. He offers a frequency that inspires self awareness and creating through the optimistic path. In your reading you will experience, first creating space through a clearing meditation for allowing and receiving your inner guidance, bringing clarity and comfort in recognizing obstacles as gifts that honors life. Detrich uses Oracle Cards and Word Stones to assist with communication from your broader perspective. He delivers powerful insights through his clairvoyant, clairaudient abilities. He will assist you with realignment into your natural frequency.

30 minutes $30 / 20 minutes $20


Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy Meditation Center

Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Healing and Meditation Tools

Unique and eye-catching meditation healing tools that apply the principles of energetic vibrational medicine.  Beautiful jewelry, healing mats, handheld and hanging forms that combine crystal, magnets and sacred geometry. Meditation with our tools is spontaneous and deep, the healing profound — it does not require any effort or training. The tools radiate the healing blessings of the living incarnation of Buddha Maitreya for Soul Therapy – to awaken the Soul and heal the personality.

You can recognize our booth by the large meditation pyramid.

Healing and meditation sessions: $10 for 15 minutes. Ask for a free demo of our healing tools.

Business Phone:   801-349-2639

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Herbal Magic

HempVap CBD Vaporizer System, Hemp CBD Complex Salve

Business Phone:   208-538-9767

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Herbal Magic will be representing Kannaway, a hemp lifestyle company with a focus on nutritional wellness whose products contain CBD rich hemp oil.


Genesis Chiropractic and Wellness

Complimentary Stress Buster Massage or Bone Density Scan

Business Phone:  801-676-0243

Cell Phone:          801-232-2413

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Juicy Success Teams

Salt Lake City Success Teams

Cell Phone:         801-577-0609

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I moustache you a question!  What is your WISH?

Remember the wishes and dreams you had before being sidetracked by a family life and/or a career? Those dreams and wishes are still there and a Success Team can help you achieve them!  Based on the bestselling writings of Barbara Sher, supportive Success Teams are a proven method for achieving your dream.  Isolation is the dream killer and a Success Team is the dream creator.  Dare to let those dormant dreams wake up and be realized! And let any new dreams or wishes you have been thinking about grow wings and fly!  Stop by The table and discover how inspiring an IDEA PARTY is and how it can help you and how you can help others! 


SevenPoint2 – Health Made Simple

Janet Robins

Website Address

SevenPoint2® invites you to share our Health Made Simple philosophy. It is widely accepted that an acidic body stores fat and toxins and creates a disease-promoting environment. On the other hand, a balanced pH supports the body’s natural ability to achieve ideal weight and optimum health. Good health isn’t complicated, you just need to give your body the right nutritional tools and it will take care of itself. Our mission to positively impact world health, through the Health Made Simple program, and Sevenpoint2® makes it happen!


LaVonne Wells, Empowerment Liaison   



My name is LaVonne Wells, I inspire, teach, and support moms and dads who have experienced the death of a child by simply sharing my story. It was devastating watching my daughter Kiva Daysha Wells take her final breath in my arms. The grief process for me was challenging and very painful. In my darkest hour I found myself worrying about other moms and dads, I wondered about their pain and what tools they were using to deal with it. I wanted to know if they had a support system and if they remembered to take care of themselves. Grieve2Honor was created to assist moms and dads through this painful experience.

Business Phone:

Cell Phone:            801-688-6345

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Website Address:   


Impact Trainings

Life and Leadership Trainings

Impact Training – Do you want to be happier, more loving, more at peace with yourself?

Business Phone:  801.572.9700



Salt Lake City Hypnosis Center

John R. Phillips

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, and NLP Master Trainer John Phillips puts his 18 years of experience to work for you.  When nothing else works – Nothing is outside the bounds for using hypnosis.

Day of the Expo Specials (If registered and pay at the Expo):

        1 Hour Weight Loss Session regularly $100, only $39 ($61 off)

        Stop Smoking Session with a Lifetime Guarantee regularly $299, only $149 ($150 off)

        Stop Stress Hypnosis CD or Insomnia Cure Hypnosis CD – Regularly $39, only $10 ($29 off)

Business Phone:     801-808-6694

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doTerra Essential Oils

Chrissy Scavezze    

We will have a Zyto scan that will tell you what products or oils will help improve their health.

It’s pretty cool!  

Phone:   801-556-8734

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