I met Christiane over 20 years ago in the Utah NLP training office. Since that time, I have watched her methodically attract the right people to lift her as she brought her “A-Game”. As a consultant, you know you cannot do it all by yourself–there is just too much to do, yet Christiane makes it all look so effortless. I have watched her attract a wonderful husband, Shawn and birth two sons: Gracen + Max. I attended her first Consciousness Expo 10 years ago.

I have watched her go from doing individual NLP sessions in her home to becoming an author of the BEST selling audio book to her newest book: The Law of Attraction Formula. I have watched Christiane go from being a trainer for the local NLP training group to designing a program [Quantum NLP] where she now has trainers for her Practitioner’s Training and then a Masters Training. 

Over the past 5-years, Christiane has taken Quantum NLP to China where she goes regularly. And finally I have watched Christiane move her family to live in Southern Utah where they regenerate their energies, naturally + regularly. IF you are a speaker, think about it, in 10 years: you write 3 books, design a training where you have customers waiting in line to get into, you create an Expo that is so exciting it doubles in size year after year, and then you give a speech in SLC where you attract over 300 people for an evening lecture. How many ways can you spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S? 

Too many people talk about ‘it’, try to train ‘it’ long before they have actually experienced ‘it’ personally. I love the way Christiane is so organic and pulls all of the elements of SUCCESS together until the day those elements are ready to mix together to ‘work for her’. I loved the way she says in German the word WORK translates to “CREATE”, so when Christiane goes to WORK, what she is really doing is CREATING. And you know, how fantastic it feels when you are in that creative space. 

Another thing I love about Christiane is her consistency. I have always said: CONSISTENCY creates CREDIBILITY. How many years has she consistently held monthly Law of Attraction meetings either at the Transformation Station or at the Lotus? It was so fantastic to be at the largest Law of Attraction meeting in the history of SLC.

Public Speaker and Coach

Enjoy these testimonials from some of our students and workshop participants:

Christiane, you are such a wonderful communicator and educator. I feel upbeat just listening to this. I see so many positive changes since I began incorporating the Law of Attraction into my life! Thank you.

When I’m in session with a client in my office, I can’t begin to tell you how often I revert to the learning and strategies I learned from you, and those often become the hammers that shatter the limitations of my clients.
You are very important to me and I always consider you as one of my most impactful and moving teachers.  For that I greatly admire and respect you.
Your class opened my heart, and I now understand that the whole universe is one. As long as you make a wish everything in the universe can realize your wish. Life is a journey, and anything is possible.
Thank you so much, wonderful teacher, for building this fantastic course, for your selfless sharing with your students. You recharge my batteries.
After your class I promise to maintain the study and practice what I learned. My commitment is to keep my high frequency, and to influence the people around me to be more in their heart. I want to make this a better world.
You are so compassionate. The biggest gift I get by being with you is positive energy. The magic of your class gave me a whole new outlook on myself, my love and courage. My inner world creates my outer world. I create my reality from the inside out.
Thank you for teaching me such wonderful, fantastic magic tools. Adding resources to my quantum State, to change myself, to change the way I live in the future. I sincerely thank you for being part of my life. Thank you for bringing this wonderful class to us. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you.



I want to express my deep gratitude to Christiane. Her remarkable love and wisdom are like sunshine and spring rain, nurturing the seed in my heart. Her loving energy helped me to grow and fully experience the congruency and balance from the alignment of my body, heart, mind and soul. She inspired me to dive deep into my potential and draw energy from my inner wisdom to better myself. With her selfless guidance, I reconnected with the mission of my life, my vitality and endless energy. I love her!

– Doreen Wu
Beijing, China

Christiane’s teaching opened a door for me to have a clear vision of what my dream and mission are. I fell in love with this mission and would like to devote my life to it. She helped me to find my root, where my life germinated from and will continue to blossom and fruit.

– Nancy Chang
Beijing, China

In October 2009, I tentatively attended Mrs. Turner’s NLP in Business Practitioner Training Prior to that course. I’d gone through more than twenty NLP trainings and had been using NLP techniques for more than five years. I wondered if there was anything I could get from another NLP class. Within hours, I realized that the doubt was not necessary. Mrs. Turner is a world-class trainer. glowing in her sensitivity to students’ mentalities and effectiveness in teaching NLP methods. Yet beyond that, it is Mrs. Turner’s unconditional love above the differences of genders, bloods, races and countries that truly touched me and everyone in class. Students were elated with their breakthroughs and mastery of a variety of NLP techniques. Mrs. Turner’s teaching brings a sense of gratitude, value and responsibility to our daily lives with a comprehensible practicality.

– Mr. Cheng Sheming
PhD Business Administration
Professor at Beijing University, Tsinghua University, and Nankai University
Top 50 Global Chinese Speechmaker
Receiver of the Time Magazine China Award for Top 10 Chinese Trainers 2010



Christiane Turner truly is an amazing teacher. I have never before experienced teaching like this before, and even though I teach spiritual based workshops myself, I am grateful to her.

– Deanne

Dear Christiane,
First of all I want to thank you for the 8 CD’s of “Thought into Manifestation”. I think these are the best CD’s I have ever listened to. Everything is so clear and I love your accent. Since I have started listening to the program, I have set my goal to obtain my green card to became a US resident. My application had been denied in the office of Nebraska and was sent again to the immigration office in Texas. Two weeks after starting visualizing the approval of my application, my lawyer called me to tell me that the application was approved…

– Ximena
Florida, USA

Dear Christiane,
What a wonderful gift you share with the world. I now have a great way to remember to go for the best of my dreams. Your use of stories along with blending instruction and exercises is a great mix. You have given me terrific tools to make such a dream come into being. THANK YOU!

– Reece



I highly recommend the upcoming Training through Quantum NLP. I have seen Christiane Turner in action and she is an outstanding trainer. Now is a perfect time to review the tools you have and inquire within whether or not it’s time to expand your skills. Ask the question of yourself and if you know that you need more, please explore the possibilities with Christiane.

– Denise Lynch
Owner of the Clear Mind Institute
Salt Lake City, USA

I have known Christiane ever since she was a teenager as we both went to the same school in Germany. Her dedication to helping people, finding, and focusing on the right track, has been always her pure intention of making this world and the mankind living on this planet a better place. I sincerely feel, that Christiane with such potential, abilities and skills must be given recognition as her contribution is outstanding and of very high caliber. I have been greatly impressed with her commitment in the way she has been projecting her knowledge, which really makes anyone rethink and find new ways to live life!

– Sonja Sequeira Nazare
Germany and India

I don’t know anyone who lives their life from possibility and embodies the principles of creation using the latest technologies of language, science, Quantum Physics, field theory, mythology, on and on, etc., more than Christiane. I am not exaggerating. She is an international trainer and is recognized as a true innovator and change agent, even by the biggies in the NLP Field.

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