QNLP Coaching Certification


In the Spring of 2012, Quantum NLP and Ultimate Coach University joined in a partnership agreement.  We are very excited about the possibilities that this brings to QNLP students.  While we often think about QNLP as a theory that supports effective training, it supports effective coaching just as well.

Coaching and Quantum NLP fit together like a hand in a glove.  The theories match and mirror each other very well.

A key premise of Quantum NLP is that what is inside your head influences the reality outside of it.  Coaching has the same action premise.  At Ultimate Coach University, all of the new coaches are taught that to supporting their clients by raising awareness and then discovering what changes happen as a result.

Quantum NLP starts with the idea is that you are absolutely in charge of your thoughts. Let me explain: You are in charge of your thoughts, you are in charge of how you express your language patterns and how you behave and the kind of habits you are forming.  All of that is wired in your neurology so that when you find you have patterns in your language and your visualizations, in your physical manifestations that don’t work for you, then you have the choice in that moment to make a decision and say to yourself, “Let’s do something different.”  Coaching supports you in understanding all of these pieces and in doing something about them.

To find out more about Ultimate Coach University, visit their website: http://www.ultimatecoachuniversity.com.  You can also email them at Protected by PHPEnkoder and they will be happy to discuss the program with you.

Ultimate Coach University may have the opportunity you are seeking.

You are the right candidate for this training if:

  • You are seeking both tools and skills that equip your team so they can play full-out.
  • You get pumped by supporting others to stretch and grow beyond their wildest dreams.
  • You see capacity and talent inside of others before they can see it.
  • You find joy and contentment in supporting other people’s success.
  • OR you want credentialed certification as a professional coach from the I.C.F. (the International Coach Federation).
If you want to bring your skills as a QNLP practitioner to the coaching field, Ultimate Coach University may be what you are seeking.  In addition to core coaching skills, you will learn QNLP principles and how they apply to the coaching profession.
Contact Ultimate Coach University at Protected by PHPEnkoder and discuss the future you want.